Monday Mood Music: Inspired by B

I Got You by Duke Dumont

Ask me what I did with my life I spent it with you If I lose my fame and fortune, (Really don’t matter) As long as I got you, baby

A Dreamy Day of Day Dreaming of You by Of Montreal

You’re my muse You’re my silly goose And every day is a dreamy day of day dreaming of you

Little Bit by Lykki Li

I would do it Push a button, pull a trigger Climb a mountain, jump off a cliff Cause you know, baby, I love you love you a little bit

Weak by SWV

I get so weak in the knees I can hardly sleep I lose all control And something takes over me In a daze It’s so amazing It’s not a phase I want you to stay

My Kinda Lover by Billy Squier

You’ve got me running baby You give me something way beyond revenue You put the magic in me I feel the magic when we Do what we do Oh, I can’t do without you for two long You’re my Situation

Get U Home by Shwayze

Take me in the bathroom Take my clothes off Make love to me up against the dirty wall Cause I can’t wait to get you home

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