An Interview with… Soraya Khineche of DEPARTURE

M: To start, can you tell us a little bit about DEPARTURE?

Soraya Khineche: Launched just a couple months ago in May 2015, DEPARTURE is a travel and pop culture-inspired fashion brand based in Los Angeles. Currently, we sell super soft and comfy tanks, tees, sweatshirts, bodysuits and baby onesies, but will be adding much more in later this year such as our swimwear collection.

M: How did you come up with this concept?

S: My inspiration comes from being brought up in two completely different cultures (Algerian and Italian) as well as my travels all over the world.  I always had a strong curiosity to discover new people, places and things so I would just book one way tickets to different countries and explore/figure it out once I got there. I am obsessed with the feeling of travel: the journey, the culture, the people you meet along the way, the food and the languages etc. and that is infused within the DEPARTURE brand.

M: Describe the ultimate traveling outfit.

S: I love love love airport style because it is so effortless and chic if you do it right. Comfort is everything, so an oversized soft sweatshirt or an oversized tank (like we have on and some leggings. Over sized sunglasses are key to cover up that you’re half asleep when you’re traveling. I also love wearing cute slip on sneakers or stylish running shoes since they’re super comfy.

M: Which city would you say influences your style the most?

S: I would say Florence, Italy. I grew up spending my summers there and the people are all about wearing classic outfits that are simple yet very chic if you dress them up right. I love the colors black and white because they are so simple and you can change the feel of the outfit just by accessorizing it. I love that all of our products can be made dressy or casual just by adding a collared white shirt under a sweatshirt to class it up or a bandeau under a tank top for example for a more summery feel.

M: Can you tell us a bit more about your “Pop” line?

S: The pop line is a work in progress but it comes from anything that I am or have been obsessed with in the past or present either on television, movies, celebrities, or anything pop-culture in general. As you will see, for example, sex and the city is a big one. Barbie is huge…and a bunch more. There will be a lot of exciting stuff added to the Pop line soon.

M: What are your favorite pieces?

S: My favorite everyday piece is the “La Dolce Vita” sweatshirt because it embodies the lifestyle I’m obsessed with. Dining al fresco, laying out on a yacht in the Mediterranean, enjoying a cappuccino while walking around the city, taking a road trip with friends to Tuscany…

My favorite travel piece is the airplane mode sweatshirt because nobody else has it and it just gives me that feeling of freedom from dealing with the real world and being on a plane journeying off into a new location is so exciting to me. Once I put it on, I seriously feel like I’m in airplane mode haha.

M: Where can you purchase Departure?

S: Departure can be ordered online at and in the very near future will be available to purchase in high end/trendy retailers both online and in store.

Thank you, Soraya!

Shop here

Follow Soraya’s wanderlust-y Instagram here

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