4 Best Places to Have Sex

When you date a foreign guy

Trying new things in bed has definitely been a confidence booster for me. Whether it’s dabbling in a new position, location, or whatever, it gets my adrenaline pumping and becomes a notion of whether or not I can do it or go through with it. I guess when it comes to sex, I would call myself adventurous. As Samantha from Sex and the City once said, “Honey, I’m a tri-sexual: I’ll try anything once”.

It’s not even so much about the idea of being “voyeuristic” or “adventurous”. It’s more about sharing an experience with a lover. There’s often times when I’ll think back to a memory of a place or time that I did something naughty and I’ll cringe or smile to myself. Everything is a new experience. I think everyone should experiment with sex.

A blogger I know recently posted an article about the craziest places she’s ever had sex and I felt inspired. Since you, my pervy readers, like to listen to me talk about sex (I know because those are some of my highest views), I decided to write an article about my four favorite places I’ve ever done the deed:


Okay, let me just get one thing straight: Airplane sex is overrated. That’s just a fact. There is absolutely nothing sexy about squeezing into a tiny washroom and trying to find a flattering and enjoyable position. However, trains are a different experience. I’ve noticed that trains often have bigger bathrooms so there’s a lot more space to move around. Whenever the topic of “What’s the Craziest Place You’ve Ever Had Sex?” comes up, I lean in and whisper, “On a bullet train in Tokyo”. I usually win that contest.

 The Beach

Being from Florida, I have dabbled in my fair share of beach sex. It’s incredibly romantic to make love under the stars while listening to the waves gently crash in front of you. Two reminders: do it at night when the beach is empty and DEFINITELY bring a towel. Nobody wants to get sand in there.

The Kitchen

My friend was once telling me about this guy she dated and how it was the best sex of her life. “While I would be cooking, he used to lift up my skirt and just TAKE ME!”, she said as her face got hot. It’s kind of gross to think about having sex near food you’re preparing to eat BUT counters are great. Also, you know how it’s exciting to hear the bed hitting the wall when you’re going fast? It’s the same when you hear pots and pans rattling in the cabinet.

 At a Party

No, I didn’t do it in front of everyone. A partner of mine once stole me away from the crowd and we did it in a locked closet. There’s something so thrilling about doing it secretively when there are other people around. Caliente.

4 thoughts on “4 Best Places to Have Sex

  1. My favorite place was on a picnic table at a state park. It was before Memorial Day and not in full force. After the hike and teasing each other along the way he had to have me, and me him. So a picnic table camouflaged with trees was AMAZING!!! I write about our sex adventures in our blog. Check it out sometime.


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