Monday Mood Music: Inspired by your Inner Moody Teen 

I was at a photoshoot once when the photographer told me it was a “Virgin Suicides” theme. Ugh, how original.

As I was giving him wistful looks, he put the camera down and said, “This is great but I need a face that looks like I can’t tell if you’re madly in love with your college professor or if you’re minutes away to slitting your wrists. That look that only 17 year old girls can make.”


Here’s what came out of that:


So, did I embody your Luxe Lisbon fantasy?

Here are my favorite “I can’t tell if you are madly in love with your college professor or if your minutes away from slitting your wrists”-inspired songs:

 Alone Again Naturally by Gilbert O’Sullivan 

If you’ve seen TVS, then you know that this song. It plays during the part where the girls are imprisoned in their house by their psychotic mother and oblivious father. I wept for Luxe when she had to burn her records.

 The End of the World by Skeeter Davis 

If this song doesn’t make you question your existence then I don’t know what will.

 Heart of Gold by Neil Young

Great song for when your best friend betrays you or you break up with your boyfriend. Why is it so hard to find someone with a heart of gold!?!?

 Mad World by Gary Jules

His beautiful voice is enough to drive you mad. This is the song for your sad times when you’re driving and looking out of the window, wondering, wishing, and waiting.

Back to the Start by Mr. Little Jeans

I’m pretty sure every girl has thought of asking the emotionally unavailable guy they love this question: Can you open your heart to me?

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