About the Brand: Defend Paris

Photo by @jlantzphoto Model: @kendalsteensen from MSA models

Defend Paris quickly caught our attention with its edgy logo and celebrity appeal. In fact, it caught our attention so much we wanted to know more of the backstory and exactly what it is we’re defending when we wear it. After a little research and a lot of emails with Defend employees, we became hooked and just had to feature them as our very first “About the Brand.” Here’s what we found out:

Defend Paris comes from the streets of Paris from designer Jeremy Douay (formerly Eleven Paris and Hype Means Nothing).  Jeremy launched Defend Paris with some childhood friends in Paris. They worked closely with Madonna at the launch and she really embraced the brand. It’s really inspired by the things we feel as youth in the streets of Paris. There is rage and anger about so much, but there is also passion and joy. The motto is that Defend Paris should give voice to the ideals of our youth.

_MG_1563-2 (1)
Photo by @jlantzphoto Model: @kendalsteensen from MSA models

Jeremy Douay: Defend Paris inspires different things in different people. We are very passionate about the brand, and maybe that is the underlying emotion that drives everything about DP–Passion. Our audience is anyone that shares our passion, anger and joy, the people who live in the streets with us and struggle with the same indignities of our life.

Photog: @jlantzphoto Model: @KendalSteensen from MSA models

Jeremy told us,

“The response has been overwhelming. We have avoided any paid marketing but are somehow now selling in 20 countries.  More importantly, every day we are seeing the people embracing the brand to express themselves and are very thankful for that.”

Photo by @jlantzphoto Model: @KendalSteensen from MSA models

A: What’s next for Defend?

Jeremy: We continue to spread our wings in the streets.  As our sales increase, we expand our design scope, keeping our aesthetic very clean and simple, while always using the very best materials and craftmanship for our products.  We are also working on some great events for the brand which really tie into our DNA, so keep a look out!  We also invest a lot of our energy working on visual content that we think expresses the emotion and essence of Defend Paris.

Photog: @jlantzphoto Model: @KendalSteensen from MSA models

The passion that radiates through Defend Paris is what sparks my obsession with the line. Each piece means so much and tells such a story. With every single item you purchase, you’re choosing to stand up for Coexist, Human Rights, Children’s Rights. A brand with so much thought behind it, no wonder they’re doing so well.

We’ll keep on eye on this brand and inform you of all of their new events coming soon.

Thanks again to:

Amir at Defend for letting The Retired Models bombard your inbox with questions and requests,

Jeremy Douay for answering our countless questions,

Jonathan Lantz from JLantz Photography for the amazing photos,

Kendal Steensen our model from MSA Management,

and Nate Peltonen for art directing the shoot.

Photog: Jonathan Lantz @jlantzphoto Model: Kendal Steensen @KendalSteensen from MSA models


Defend: @DefendParisOfficial

Photographer: @JLantzPhoto

Model: @KendalSteensen

Art Director: @FashionBarista






Photo by @jlantzphoto Model: @kendalsteensen at MSA models
Photo by @jlantzphoto
Model: @kendalsteensen at MSA models

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