Megan on Abie: How Well Does Megan Know Abie?

1. What is Abie’s biggest vice?

Megan: I mean, she’s really responsible so I wouldn’t even say she has any “vices”.

Abie’s answer: I don’t really think I have any vices… Unless cookies count, because cookies are definitely my vice.

2. What TV Show does Abie bingewatch?

Megan: Friends!

Abie’s answer: Friendsssssss

3. What is Abie’s idea of a perfect date?

Megan: She’s a romantic so probably something like a picnic in Central Park.

Abie’s answer: Somewhere really quiet where we can chill out, drink red wine and laugh the night away.

4. Where is Abie’s favorite spot on a Saturday night in NYC?

Megan: ABIE-NUE!

Abie’s answer: Avenue!!!!!!!!

5.What is Abie’s favorite clothing brand/designer?

Megan: Abie likes clean lines but with a hint of urban edge. I would say Alexander Wang.

Abie’s answer: A Wang for sure.

6.What annoys Abie the most?

Megan: People who don’t respond fast enough.

Abie’s answer: Stupid people.

7. What app can Abie not live without?

Megan: WordPress app 🙂

Abie’s answer: WordPress! I have to constantly check our stats.

8. What is Abie allergic to?

Megan: Watamelon.

Abie’s answer: I’m lowkey allergic to watermelon.

9. What is Abie’s favorite snack?

Megan: French onion dip.

Abie’s answer: I eat French Onion Dip behind Nate’s back because he can’t stand the smell of it when I eat it and I love it so much.

10. If Abie was deserted on an island, what three things would she bring with her?

Megan: Nate, her favorite jean jacket, and her phone.

Abie’s answer: Nate, my blankie and my phone.

I think I win…



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