Abie on Megan: How Well Does Abie Know Megan?

1. What is Megan’s biggest vice?

Definitely smoking.

Megan’s answer: Smoking!

2. What TV Show does Megan binge watch?

Megan binge watches Flavor of Love fo shoooo

Megan’s answer: Flavor of Love

3. What is Megan’s idea of a perfect date?

Megan’s perfect date is getting wine drunk on a rooftop of a restaurant in the Meatpacking District.

Megan’s answer: Going to a quiet bar or lounge.

4. Where is Megan’s favorite spot on a Saturday night in NYC?

Megan’s favorite Saturday spot in NYC has gotta be the Darby which is now called Up and Down. You’ll find her there bouncing on a couch or sprinkling cheek kisses on her new friends at the various tables.

Megan’s answer: Up n Down!

5.What is Megan’s favorite clothing brand/designer?

Megan’s a Prada bae. Ooh or Yves Saint Laurent. No, Prada.

Megan’s answer: Celine.

6.What annoys Megan the most?

Megan can’t stand stupid people or girls with whiny voices.

Megan’s answer: Slow walking people!

7. What app can Megan not live without?

If I wanted to kill Megan, I would lock her out of her Uber app. It would be quick and painless.

Megan’s answer: Instagram.

8. What is Megan allergic to?

Megan’s allergic to cats or something. And some kind of food that I can’t remember.

Megan’s answer: Midol and pomegranate.

9. What is Megan’s favorite snack?

Spinach dip with pita chips.

Megan’s answer: Brie cheese and toast points.

10. If Megan was deserted on an island, what three things would they bring with them?

Brandon for sure, cigarettes definitely and I don’t think she’d leave her Celine bag unattended at home, so she’d probably take that too.

Megan’s answer: Brandon, my laptop and my Celine luggage tote.

Mwah ha ha. Now let’s see how well Megan knows me…



Instagram: @abbyshippee


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