An Industry Icon: Grace Coddington

Who is she?

Grace Coddington is a “retired model” (LIKE US!) and the creative director of American Vogue.

How did she get her start?

This Welsh icon got her shot at fame when she won the Vogue model competition at the age of 17. She had a very successful career until the age of 26 when she got into a car accident that made her get an eyelid removed. Two years later, she would become a Junior Editor after interviewing with Beatrix Miller, British Vogue’s Editor at the time. In 1988, she would team up with Anna Wintour and begin working at American Vogue as a creative director.

Why is she an “Icon” in the fashion industry?

In the past 27 years at American Vogue, Grace Coddington has become and remained the most influential creative director of all time.

What can we all learn from her?

To be strong and work hard. In the documentary, “The September Issue”, you can clearly see her drive and determination in the way she is constantly creating new ideas for the magazine and fighting for these ideas against one of the most terrifying women in the world: Anna Wintour.

Where can we learn more about her?

The September Issue documentary.

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