New Resume: The Blog?

Good Morning, my lovely readers.

I woke up this morning with swollen eyes and a delirious brain. On the nights that Brandon and I don’t sleep next to each other, we usually wake each other up by FaceTiming the other person until they answer.

Most of the time, it’s me who wakes up at 7 AM and badgers Brandon but he’s been an early riser lately. In the 25 minute phone session, I moved from my bed to my closet to my bathroom to the floor. I laid on the floor for a good ten minutes until I had to actually leave for work.

Since I take Uber to work, I have a nice 7 minutes to myself (unless my driver decides he want’s to chit-chat). Today’s driver began to talk but quickly got the hint that I wanted to be left alone. I checked my email AND WHATTTTT! I received an email for a job offer in Manhattan. The cherry on top of this whole thing is that’s not the first offer we received this week.

Things are happening!!

Earlier this week, I received another job offer to work for a different company in NYC that I have a lot of interest in. When I read the message, I could hardly believe that this is real. Even now, I’m finding myself sitting at my law firm desk pinching myself. Because how is this possible?

Well, because of you amazing people reading and sharing. 

We also reached our monthly goal this week and are amazed by how quickly this is growing. I’m often on my high horse and saying things like, “Wait, until we get so-and-so offer” or “I’m not selling for anything less than…”. Of course, I can’t disclose how much we are expecting to sell for unless it’s to a potential buyer. We are having offers roll in but we aren’t satisfied with any of their numbers yet.

Basically, what this blog has taught me, as cheesy as this sounds, is to shoot for the moon. Yes, I did have expectations for this blog to make it big but I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

Who woulda thought?

High School drop-out -> Model -> Actress -> Stylist -> Restaurant Hostess -> File Clerk/Receptionist of a high power law firm -> Blogger

Dreams can come true if you work hard. I haven’t been able to see my friends or family or even get enough sleep but it’s all starting to pay off. As I have previously mentioned my idol, Tavi Gevinson, started her website at the age of 15 while she was in high school. Now, at the age of 19, Tavi has become a household name and is worth $46mil.

Alright, shit, I have to get back to my daytime job.



Megan Kennedy

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