9 New Swim Must-Haves for July 2015

If you live in South Florida like a certain Retired Model (lol, me), then you understand that you absolutely cannot wear clothing right now.

Not only is the temperature high as hell, the humidity is what’s killing me. I haven’t even tried to straighten my hair in two months because I know it’s pointless. Even now, as I sit on my bed blogging, I’m wearing a bikini. And my AC is on 68-degrees. It’s not all bad, though. It’s just another excuse to wear barely anything and not be yelled at for being “inappropriate”. Or “streaking”. Whatever.

Anyways, here are my 9 favorite swimwear pieces to keep you looking hot in the heat.

ASOS Halter Cross Wrap Front Swimsuit 

Nasty Gal x Minimale Animale The Outsider Mesh Bikini

The Flounce by Victoria’s Secret

Free People High Neck Crop Top and Bottoms

Tavik Banks Zip-Front Bikini from Urban Outfitters

 Poppy Print Swimsuit from Topshop

Blue Life Eclipse Bikini from Shopbop

Light Blue Bikini from River Island

Nasty Gal Squiggle Fish Bikini


Megan Kennedy

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