Style Inspiration: 6 Best Fashion Moments from Woody Allen Films

6. Alice: Alice’s red bowlers hat.

Yas, mama.

5. Annie Hall: The glasses.

Not only is this a fantastic movie, Annie Hall was another big component in the “Menswear for Women” fashion movement. Diane Keaton rocked that trouser-and-vest combination like no other. My favorite part is her oval glasses that pair so well with Woody’s signature spectacles.

4. Blue Jasmine: The Chanel jacket.

I feel like I can relate to Jasmine, or should I say Jeanette, so much. As a woman who’s gone broke because of her scheming husband, she still clings to her valuables like they’re her life source. As a 20-year-old file clerk, clearly I’m not “rolling in the dough” but I still save up to buy my favorite bags, shoes, designer clothes, etc. I love my black Celine Luggage Tote more than I will ever love any of my children.

Sorry, not sorry.

3. Match Point: The “not-so-innocent” tennis outfit.

Jesus Christ, I feel like you could put a garbage bag on Scarlett Johansson and it would look amazing. What I love so much about this plain, white, tennis dress is that it’s supposed to be so pure and clean whereas her character is quite naughty.

And that simple necklace, I DIE!

2. Midnight in Paris: Adriana’s cigarette holder.

This movie definitely gave me Fashion FOMO. Why wasn’t I around during this era? Everyone knows I’m always down for a cigarette and good drop-waist dress!

After watching this movie, I have been on the never-ending hunt for a vintage cigarette holder. In Paris, I did buy a cigarette case that was shiny black leather but I lost it 😦

Although, I do feel like I would look like a douche with a cigarette holder.

1. Vicky Christina Barcelona: Maria Elena’s loungewear

Maria Elena looks like she stole this from Luxe Lisbon. You can definitely find this in the “Intimates” section of Free People.


Megan Kennedy

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