Style Inspiration: 5 Best Fashion Moments in Sofia Coppola Films

5. The Bling Ring: Nikki’s stolen outfit

I know she stole it from Paris Hilton but that fucking blue fur!

4.  Somewhere: The stripper costumes

This is what I would wear if I wanted to seduce my tennis instructor. Or to seduce anyone really.

3. Lost In Translation: Charlotte’s pink wig

I tried to buy a pink wig to wear to karaoke in Tokyo once but they were all neon. One day, I will find this wig and I will never take it off.

2. The Virgin Suicides: Cecelia’s vintage wedding dress

That lace. That drop waist. That shift. No wonder she never took it off.

1. Marie Antoinette : The blue dress and hat

I need this for my everyday apparel. Can we bring petticoats back or no?



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