Fake by Rachel Mastics

Fake hair, fake boobs, fake nose, and the most obvious a fake personality. If you told me to pick a word that went together perfectly with the word “fake”, I would scream “HIGH SCHOOL” at the top of my lungs. High school is full of people telling you they like you when in reality they are talking behind your back five seconds later. I think we are all thinking of the scene from Mean Girls when Regina George compliments a girl on her outfit and then five seconds later makes fun of it. Well, that’s reality for teenagers. Everyone assumes it is just girls doing it but in reality boys are just as bad. Making fun of a girl’s appearance or how they hate a certain girl and then flirting with her the next day is just as bad.

I came to realize how fake some people can be as soon as I entered the world of high school. It was nothing new though because middle school was practically the same. I was told last year that in middle school some girls used to get mad when I would sit with them at lunch because I didn’t have a Lilly Pulitzer lunchbox. I laugh just writing that because I swear it’s the dumbest thing in the world. But that’s girls for you. I never realized that because these girls would be so nice to me and invite me over to their houses every weekend.

In high school it’s even worse. There are so many more people aka more people who pretend to like you! You see just about the same exact people at every party so of course you want to be friends with everyone and not start any drama. I’ve had many experiences and I just laugh now when I think about them. A girl I know said she hated this one girl and I would ask why and her reasoning made absolutely no sense. Then, we get to school or a party and she is overly nice to this girl. Explain to me how that makes sense. You’re probably saying to yourself, hey I’ve had someone do the same thing. Well, it’s the same with every high school and just about every girl. A boy has even come up to me and told me how much he hated this one girl. He said everything about her made him want to throw up. That seemed a little dramatic but I wasn’t going to say anything. The weekend came as well as a huge party and my friends and I all attended. I walked in and I saw this boy talking to the girl he said he hated. Hmm I thought to myself…is this a joke. I just laughed to myself and as I was leaving the party I heard that he threw up later. I guess talking to that girl DID make him throw up.

We’re all fake in our own ways. I get that and I get it’s because people don’t want to start unnecessary drama. But, I also believe people do not need to be overly nice. You absolutely cannot talk about someone and then a minute later compliment them on their hair or outfit. But I guess that’s just how we’re strung. I wish things were different but I doubt anything will ever change. Although, I am not in high school anymore (praise the lawd) I know I will still meet fake girls AND boys. Whether it is in college or anytime throughout my life. High school kind of prepares you for it. Especially, not to take it all so seriously. If someone doesn’t like you who really cares because not everyone will.

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