Monday Mood Music: Inspired by Megan Kennedy

I decided to create a list of songs that I feel were inspired by my life.


Kind of…

1. She’s Leaving Home by The Beatles

I left to travel at such a young age which my father was completely against. To not anger him, I wouldn’t even tell him where I was going sometimes. He would text me and I would be like “lol dad I’m in London”.

2. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

This song is basically about that “in-transition” feel you have as a young adult. I felt that way in the beginning of the year working as a hostess and doing nothing with my life. I decided to get out of my rut by creating a blog and scheduling my GED. Everyone beats that transition and this song is perfect inspiration.

3. Back to Black by Beyonce and Andre 3000

My first love aka The Ex. We knew we shouldn’t have been together after I cheated but we kept going back to it only to get our hearts broken again.

4. Under Your Spell by Desire

This song perfectly describes how I feel about Brandon. Sometimes I feel like I’m completely obsessed with him. I feel as if I can never get enough of him. He’s the fire in me.

5. Go With It by TokiMonsta feat. MNDR

This song is inspired by my best friend, Kira. She’s the only person in the world that knows what to say to me to calm me down. There’s no other person out there like her. Anytime I’m stressed, she cures me.


Megan Kennedy

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