A Little Note 

Hey everyone!

I know you all are too busy enjoying your Saturday night to check this blog but  I wanted to say something.

I check the daily stats of the blog quite a bit throughout the day. Randomly, I’ll click over to the “Years” tab to tally up how many new viewers we get in total and in the past two weeks, we gained 10,000 new readers!

The more you guys share, post, search, or even check the site attracts new viewers. I want to say thank you so much because we really couldn’t do it without you.

I started this blog out of sheer boredom in March. Yeah, I had hopes that it would one day turn into something but I never expected for it to happen so quickly.

It’s really shocking to both Abie and I because we literally have to remind eachother that this is our future. This blog is no longer just a hobby. It’s a career. It’s work that we love.

We have so many cool things coming up this summer and we can’t wait to show you guys. We are receiving offers every day for collaborations and work and couldn’t be any happier. We are a bit slower at making it all happen because we both have day jobs and live far from eachother but we are making it work. I can’t share the details of any of our new collabs because we are still negotiating (thank you, God, for giving me two lawyer parents).

But I can say one thing…

We’re coming out with apparel and it’s going to be dope. We would like to have 50% of the proceeds go to a charity but we’re still deciding which one. If you have any ideas, please shoot us an email!

Alright, I’m gonna put my phone down and enjoy the rest of the day with Brandon.

Love you guys 🙂

(And no, I didn’t get a boob job. These are just PMS boobies.)


Megan Kennedy

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