LF Palm Beach x Megan Kennedy from The Retired Models

Had a fantastic day yesterday.

As I have told you guys, I didn’t enjoy my experience styling at LF Soho. Not because of the store itself but because I felt I didn’t have enough time in there to really check out all of the merchandise. I mean, it was on a Sunday in Soho at noon, so you feel me?

Anyways, luckily, I have friends who work at LF in Palm Beach. When I proposed the idea to my friend, Rachel, she was equally excited and got the OK from them. I asked her to be the model because her body is perfect and clothes look like they were made for her petite self.

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We arrived to the empty store early in the day and exchanged cheek kisses to the other sales associates. Rachel ran around like an excited kid in a candy shop and immediately zeroed in on the 4th of July gear. She held up a blue sports bra that was studded with stars and had thick red-and-white-striped band at the bottom. Think Patriotic Workout Barbie in the 1980’s. It was fantastic.


IMG_3968IMG_3972 IMG_3974 IMG_3976

I began my hunt for my version of “Model Street Wear”. It’s funny to do this in LF because “Model Street Wear” is just basic clothing paired together and LF is known for their funky collections. What I wanted to do was create the look and then have the LF girls add their own special touch.

After sifting and sorting through the whole store, I found the outfit I liked:


The Shirt:

By Emma and Sam
By Emma and Sam

First of all, I’m obsessed with the whole mesh/net thing. It’s sexy, sporty, and cool. As a model, you are told to wear basic clothing so clients can imagine you as a blank slate they can dress. I thought this was perfect because not only is it white and a tank, it’s see-through so you can basically imagine the model in just her undies.

The Pants:

CarMar high-waisted jeans.
CarMar high-waisted jeans.

I chose a basic black high-waisted-jean because of how slimming they are and basic. Rachel is about 5’3″ and looks so much taller in them.

The Shoes:


As a model, it’s really a pain to have to lug around high heels all day. Add in your portfolio and you could be carrying up to 8 lbs! (And that’s not counting everything else in your bag). These shoes are super easy to walk in and they’re very comfortable so it saves you the hassle as well as adding 4 inches of height. They can be worn day or night. Plus, they’re black which is “YAAAAAS” to agencies/clients.

The Bag:

By Nila Anthony.
By Nila Anthony.

I didn’t want to pair an already “somewhat basic” outfit with a plain old black tote. I skimmed the shelves and vetoed the electric blue fringe and the rainbow backpack before settling on this bad boy. The snakeskin is white, gray, and black, so it can go with virtually any color. I just love the way it ties everything in yet adds a pop to the outfit.

The LF girls topped off the look with a pair of black Ray Ban style glasses that felt like matte wood. I don’t even know how to describe them but they were awesome.

What do you guys think?

IMG_3946 IMG_3960

After our iPhone photoshoot was over, we headed back into the store for some fun. Rachel and I skipped around checking out their new collection and the LF girls broke out the Flash Tattoos. I drooled over a piano-key looking bag that reminded me of something Phoebe Cates would’ve worn in Drop Dead Fred. I texted photos of the shoot to Brandon who remarked how cool the bag was. I jokingly replied that I was going to steal it. I decided against buying the two bags as my paycheck won’t arrive for another week and a half.

IMG_3965 IMG_3980 IMG_3988 IMG_3984 IMG_3985 IMG_3997

We said our goodbyes and thanked the girls for such a fun time. We decided to go to a cute restaurant on Clematis for pasta and wine. Brandon said he was coming down south from Stuart and asked if he could join. When he arrived 30 minutes later, he was acting a bit stand-offish. He asked me if I could get the stuff out of his trunk which I thought was weird because he never asks me to do anything like that. Not to sound like a princess, he’s just a gentleman like that. I opened it up and THAT CUTIE PIE BOUGHT ME BOTH OF THE PURSES.


“Waaaait, whaaaaat? How did you even know about the piano one?”

“The salesgirl said that you really liked it when I called ahead to have them place the snakeskin bag aside for you.”

I could not stop kissing him and he finally asked me to stop because we were both sweaty.

“Happy 6th month Anniversary, Megan. I love you”.

Thank you, Brandon!

And THANK YOU, LF Palm Beach!

I love you both.



Megan Kennedy

One thought on “LF Palm Beach x Megan Kennedy from The Retired Models

  1. Maybe I missed it in the post, but do those chunky black heels (the ones that you styled) have a name/brand? I love them! 🙂


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