How Much Does a Model in Tokyo Make?

Well, it does vary for everyone. Some go home without a dime in their pocket and some go home with $80k in 3 months.

Everyone always asks me how much I made and I’ve always been very vague about it. It’s much more fun that way, no? But I’ve decided to reveal a clue.

This was a typical Tokyo job sheet for a days worth of work for me.

*20 Cuts: 20 Outfits*

howmuch1 1

280,000 yen in January 2013 was roughly $3139.30.¬†What’s funny is that I became used to this and would get angry if I was paid any less. Probably because I worked too much at the time or I was just a spoiled brat.

A day’s worth of work in 2013 is now two months work of work for me in 2015.


Megan Kennedy

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