An Interview with… A Celebrity Manicurist: Kait Mosh

Hi everyone!

I worked with Kait Mosh about a year and a half ago for the Upper Metal Class campaign in LA. We haven’t seen each other since but we continued to follow each other on Instagram and Facebook. Her Instagram is what I would call “Nail Porn”. If you look up “cool nail designs” on Pinterest, you’re guaranteed to stumble upon one of Miss Mosh’s creations.

My nails by Kait Mosh!
My nails by Kait Mosh!
Nails by Kait the Great!
Nails by Kait the Great!

She’s blossomed so much in the past year doing work for A-list celebrities and campaigns for Virgin Airlines. I was so grateful that she responded to my message. My favorite thing about interviewing people in the fashion industry is showcasing a whole new level of creativity.

Kait doesn’t just “do nails”.


M: Tell us about yourself.

K: Hi! My name is Kait, and I’m a freelance celebrity manicurist and beauty writer. I hail from the great state of Alaska. Four years ago, I decided moving to California would be the best way to make a career for myself and not be a boring adult person. I had no idea what I would be getting into career-wise. I went to college for music, so no way did I think I’d end up on set doing nails. But after being discovered two years ago, here I am and I love my job!

M: How did you become a nail artist?

K: I was home in Alaska when I decided to get a professional license, so I worked in a salon under the owner and learned everything about nails I could in four months. Then I flew to Anchorage, took the exam, and passed! As for the artist part, that took years of learning the craft through repetition. It took me about a year to master the perfect manicure, and even now that manicure changes as new products become available on the market and I learn new things from professionals in the beauty field. I think being a creative person at the core of who you are is necessary to become a successful nail artist, and the ones I know that are killing it are the ones who are always coming up with new ideas and finding inspiration in everything.

M: What’s the best part about your job?

K: The best part about my job is that I get to meet some of the most successful models, celebrities, actors, and glam people in the world on a near-daily basis. I get to hold their hands, paint their nails, and get a snapshot of their personalities and lives. I am an observer, so I love to see how the highest success and true happiness are both achievable with hard work and a positive attitude. I am inspired constantly.

M: What’s the worst part about it?

K: Early call times! I’m young, and I love my sleep! Any job that starts at 12pm or later makes me so happy. But how often does that happen? Maybe once every couple months. One time my call was 4:30am, and I had just flown back to LA from New York Fashion Week. I got off the plane at 12:30am, so I maybe got one hour of sleep before I had to get up and get to set by 4:30. The worst.

M: What has been your favorite client/assignment?

K: I have been so fortunate to have worked with amazing clients so far, but my absolute favorite is Kate Bosworth, and for so many reasons. For one, she was always a dream client because obviously. She is kind, genuine, cool, thoughtful, my vibe, and just a real human. She makes work feel like fun hang out time. Who doesn’t love that?

M: What’s next for you?

K: So many things.
1) Collaborations with youtube beauty vloggers! The camera scares me, so I’m branching out and facing my fears.
2) I love to write, so I’ve started writing for my friend’s new website FOLK LA ( Also, on my personal website I have a blog that I am hoping to get consistent with.

I will continue to do nails on set, but I get bored doing just one thing. The plan is to continue building my brand and down the road, start creating my own beauty products.

Thank you so much, Kait!

Follow @kaitmosh on Instagram for more “nail porn” 🙂

Kait’s Guide To Mastering The At-Home Mani here.

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