Promoterism: Model Apartment Rules

This is an actual contract that I had to sign while living with a promoter. All typos are from him. LOL

Model Apartment Rules

1.I will not touch any ones belongings with out asking first

2. I will not smoke in the apartment

3.I will not bring over any guys to the model apartment. This includes any of the guys from the ***th street apartment or any males period.

4.I will clean up after my self

5.I will keep my belongings in my personal space including make up, shampoo, tooth brush ect.

6. I will take my shoes off when I enter the apartment

7.I will not be loud

8. I will not have any drugs or paraphernalia lying out or in visible in view

9. I will not smoke pot in the apartment

10. I will go out with the group 3 times a week: Mon,Wed,Sat

11. I will bring 2 suitcases and 1 make up bag no more.

12. If I leave for more than 1 week I will pack my belongings and take them out of the apartment

I________________ will full fill all my expectations and requirements to live in the model apartment. I understand that if I cannot full fill my duties listed model apartment rules I will move out of the apartment with in 24 hours after notice of removal.

Sign_______________________________       Date

The apartment
The apartment
A hat we found in the apartment
A hat we found in the apartment


Megan Kennedy

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