Monday Mood Music: Inspired by Los Angeles

The Only Place by Best Coast

Best Coast is fire. As you can see in their name, they love California. This is a super upbeat and fun song. It’s a song you blare while trying to clean your room but keep getting sidetracked by your own dancing to the song.

“We were born with sun in our teeth and in our hair

When we get bored, we like to sit around

Sit around and stare

At the mountains, at the birds, at the ocean, at the trees”

– West Coast by Coconut Records

Definitely interesting since it’s supposed to have a sad underlying meaning but the background music is uplifting. Fun fact: Jason Schwartz is the singer of Coconut Records. The guy who’s in literally every single Wes Anderson film.

“For a second there I thought you disappeared

It rains a lot this time of year

We both go together if one falls down

I talk out loud like you’re still around”

– Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rey (Or literally any song by Lana in general)

Honestly, all of her songs have some kind of reference to LA. I’m not even sure if this song is about her living in LA but I relate to it like that. I felt everything in LA that Lana feels in this song.

“In the land of gods and monsters

I was an angel

Looking to get fucked hard

Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer

Life imitates art”

– Mr.Right by Mickey Avalon

You guys probably know Mickey Avalon as the guy who sang “My Dick” but he actually has a lot of good songs. I love his Hollywood album. It’s super grungy and it’s about him being a male prostitute in LA.

“Bird on the wire

Your skirt’s on fire

Please take a moment to admire my attire:

Fresh white ballies and pink tube socks

Tight grey Levi’s, a shirt with polka dots

Rolex watch

But it’s fake

Like your tits

And your eyes and your nose and your lips”

– Men in this Town by Shakira

Shoutout to Skybar in Weho in this song. This describes LA men to a tee.

“Is there a prince in this stable for a small town girl like me

The good ones are gone

Or not able

And Matt Damon’s not meant for me

Damon’s not meant for me!”

– More Bounce in California by Soulkid

Need I say more?

“Now everybody’s by the pool, freaking out on ecstasy

Just bumpin to a playlist … mp3

Here comes another group of ladies, parked her mama’s SUV

Well, I’ve seen that blonde before in a vivid DVD”


Megan Kennedy

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