Skinny & Proud: A post by Rachel Mastics

Candice SwanepoelGigi HadidKendall JennerRosie Huntington-Whiteley

What was the first thing you thought of when you saw these women? Was it that they are beautiful? Was it that they have amazing bodies? Or was it that they are so skinny? If you said to yourself that you hate them, then I ask you this. Why? Why do you hate them? Do you hate them because they might be beautiful or because they are super skinny? I’ll tell you what I thought when I saw those photos. I thought to myself how beautiful they are and how I would kill to be them. But then again I like who I am and the life I live, but who doesn’t sometimes wish they were Candice Swanepoel or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Or maybe when you saw these photos you said to yourself how beautiful they are, but did you THEN try to find flaws in these women.

“Her nose is kind of big.”

“She’s a little pale.”

“Her eyebrows are soo arched wtf.”

Or the most annoying.

“Okay, she is definitely anorexic and doesn’t eat. How else would she look like that?”

Honestly when I hear that last one from people, I laugh. Hmm well, she could work out everyday, be naturally skinny (some tall people are just naturally skinny), or maybe she DOES eat and she just eats HEALTHY. I’m not saying some models aren’t anorexic because I wouldn’t know, but I am writing from my point of view. I have always been skinny. I have a bracelet from when I was about ten and it still fits me. I used to have shorts from when I was twelve and they still fit me when I was fourteen. People have always pointed out how skinny I am throughout my life. But that is just how I am and that is how my mother was when she was younger. Throughout my life I have heard various things.

“Put some meat on those bones!”

“Eat something!!!”

“You’re so skinny”

I have slowly developed a tolerance to people saying this to me because I figured they are just jealous. I am NOT saying this in an arrogant manner but only because of the tone and looks I get when people say these things. You’re probably wondering why I get so offended by comments like these. Well, it could be because of the way it is said and/or because I know I am skinny. I know SOME people may think it’s unattractive to be skinny, but is that because they aren’t happy with their bodies? If you saw what I ate you would rethink telling me to eat more. Here are a couple things I eat A LOT: gushers, fast food (love French fries), soda (I LOVE SODA), I never drink water (Yes, I know it has no taste and that’s why I hate it and yes I also know it’s good for me), chocolate, popsicles, and pizza. I do eat other things, obviously, but I am trying to just give a little insight into the fact that well yes…I do eat. Many have said to me “Rachel you literally should be 400 pounds from the amount of food you eat.” But I really don’t think people take in the consideration that I play two sports and I work out. I run track and play soccer, which keeps me in really good shape.

I think that in a way I feel bad for being skinny and that I let people bring me down by the things they say. I know I really shouldn’t. I am happy with my body and the way I am and isn’t that what truly matters? Although, when I am not happy with my body and I feel like working out it is quite hard to tell my friends. When I do say that I feel like my stomach is getting gross or bigger they just say the same thing every time, “ugh shut up do you see me? You’re so skinny you’re a twig.” Thanks. Love being called a twig. Shouldn’t I be able to feel unhappy with the way I look without being judged for saying so? It’s a backhanded compliment in a way. If you’re unhappy with the way you look then do something about it. What I am trying to say is that I know I am skinny and there really is nothing I can do about it. I have always been this way and maybe when I get older I won’t be able to eat whatever I want. And when that time comes I will eat healthier and work out even more. But for now, I am going to enjoy being thin and comfortable wearing a bathing suit. Women are constantly judged for being so skinny or so fat. So, what is the RIGHT way to look? Recently, plus sized women are being glorified because they love the skin they’re in. I am overwhelmed with happiness for that, but when that same woman tears down skinny girls claiming they look gross and that men don’t like skinny girls, well, then I rethink my happiness for that woman. I mean why are big girls loving their weight and shape glorified, yet with skinny girls it is not the same?

The thing that upsets me the most is when someone points out your flaws when they have flaws of their own. Is it because they’re insecure or because they like to bring others down? Either way, they should never point out someone else’s flaws because most of the time they are already struggling with their own insecurities. Recently, at dinner my friend pointed out how skinny my other friend’s wrists are. That girl replied, “well Rachel’s are just as small what are you even saying.” I was fine with that and I didn’t take any offense to it. What I did take offense to was what was said next by the girl who started this conversation, “Yeah that’s true. Yours are very like pretty and sleek and Rachel, yours are just super bony and small.” I just laughed it off. It really gets to me when my flaws are brought up to help someone feel better about themselves, when I had nothing to do with the conversation. Luckily, my best friend knows how much these things get to me. She said to this girl, “are you kidding? You do know you just insulted Rachel to make the other girl feel better?” She then whispered in my ear, “Rachel I think you and your wrists are beautiful, don’t listen to her.” I was smiling so much on the inside. It felt good to know that someone cared how I felt. Another thing that got to me a couple weeks ago was when someone told me that boys do not like skinny girls and I need to “put more meat on my bones.” First of all, thank you for offending me. Secondly, sure let me go purposely gain forty pounds. Lastly, why in the hell would I change how I look so that guys will like me? If a guy likes me, he’ll like me the way I am. I also think that I have been doing fine in the guy department, thank you. That is literally rule number one for girls. Don’t change for guys. Well…it may not be rule number one but it is up there somewhere in the “rule book for girls”.

We all have our insecurities and our flaws, but to point someone else’s out just to make yourself feel better or because you are jealous is sickening. Why can’t you just tell someone they’re beautiful without then trying to find a flaw? Nobody is perfect! I hate to bring up Hannah Montana but she was so right. To bring back the topic of those models above, just because they are skinny does not mean they don’t eat. When the VS Fashion Show was on some girl I know tweeted that, “obviously all these models are anorexic and don’t eat.” That got me heated. How would you know that? Maybe they’re just not big boned? I get it and I understand why people would assume that especially with the stereotypes that come with models. But I, as you say, “subtweeted” her saying that some girls are just naturally skinny. I got about ten favorites, which made me realize that some people do agree with me.

So, next time you see those models above or even other ones, don’t point out their flaws or make your own assumptions. Why not just admire they’re beauty or the awesome magazine they were featured in. Be jealous but don’t be mean. Don’t glorify bigger models because they love the skin they’re in and then bash models like Gigi Hadid who love the way they look too. But because they’re skinny they are looked down upon. Most people know their flaws and they don’t need to hear it from others, especially those with flaws themselves. I hope that people do know that it is OKAY to say, wow you’re so skinny! But in a nice way not in a conniving backhanded compliment type of way. I may be the only skinny girl who thinks this way but I’m quite sensitive and I have always felt this way!

One thought on “Skinny & Proud: A post by Rachel Mastics

  1. I completely agree!! I get this all the time! It’s one thing to say “you’re so skinny, I wish I was blessed with that body” than to say “you’re so skinny you, should eat something”. Because the people that actually KNOW me, know how much I eat and that I should be 400 pounds.


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