We Sat Down with Supermodel Terese Pagh & Here’s What Happened…

Victoria's Secret
Terese for Victoria’s Secret

When I say Terese Pagh, you say supermodel!

Terese Pagh!


When I say Terese Pagh, you say jewelry designer! And costume designer! And editor! And filmmaker! And production assistant! And artist! And fashion icon!

Terese Pagh!


We get it. We can’t keep track of the Danish beauty either.

Megan and I attended a Brooklyn fashion event at the first mention of free jewels. Little did we know we would be walking into the showroom of Luma, Terese’s jewelry line.

We immediately fell in love with her. She is brilliant, artistic, creative, inspired and she strikingly resembles Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Swoon.

Terese polaroid
Terese polaroid

She showed us around and dressed us up in all her favorite designs.

Like these sunglasses Meg took home
Like these sunglasses Meg took home

LUMA is known as #jewelsofperception which I think is beautiful and elegant. The two words that perfectly describe her designs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.54.47 AM

I went for a semi-thick bracelet that I haven’t taken off since. I literally sleep in it because, unlike so many of my other bracelets made from metal that are cold and uncomfortable and I’m constantly aware that I’m wearing them, these babies are not that way at all. It’s so comfortable to the point its become a part of me.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.56.09 AM

Part of the beauty of perception is that these bracelets change appearance in different lighting and the way you look at them. It’s like when the sun hits your phone and you move that little light around on a black surface by twisting your phone. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, she struck our interest and we scheduled an interview for the next day. We just had to know more about these simple yet complex jewels that we just know will hit it big. Here’s what Terese had to say:

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from Denmark. Originally from Copenhagen. I started traveling the world when I started modeling at 14 years old. About 4 years ago, I decided to take a break and I started doing all sorts of different things. About 3 months ago, I started costume design and people went crazy for my bracelets. I started selling them and did really well. Now I prefer to edit the photos myself, I appear in the photos myself, I created a logo for Luma. I’m also back to modeling at this time.What’s the inspiration behind LUMA?

First of all, it’s light. I’m very inspired by light, LUMA actually means “light.” Also perception and the way things can appear different in different lighting and depending on the way your eyes perceive it. I’m also very inspired by Classic Scandanavian science. And I’m creating timeless pieces. Not inspired by the past or the future, but everything that’s happening right now: in the present. Essentially, it’s inspired by everything from the bottom of the ocean to outer space. What’s the price range of the jewelry?

It starts at about $20 and goes to around $35. For bigger or custom pieces it will start around $150. Obviously it depends on the hours it takes to make. I’m also working on a lamp that’s inspired by our flower collection, the small lamps will start around $1,000 and go to around $5,000. It’s a pretty huge range, but that means everyone can own a little piece of LUMA. What’s your favorite piece and what’s the story behind it?

The one that you’re wearing is my favorite piece. It’s called a circuit bracelet and was originally made twice as thick. It comes in a few different sizes now but it’s so effortless and simple in it’s elegance that it really goes with everything you wear. What’s the process of making the pieces?

When I’m making a new design, I like to cut it out by hand the first time to get a full hands-on experience and really perfect it. Then we heat up the plexiglass and bend it. In the end, we put a lot of time into softening the edges because it can easily cut you before we do that. It’s very sharp. The process gets increasingly quicker after we’ve perfected the design. What are your future goals for LUMA?

My future goals are getting into a store that we will do really well in. I’ve had a lot of offers, but I’m very picky. I like working with good people who share my values and visions. I would say that my main goal is just staying to true to my vision. Terese is also working on a pair of glasses that when worn the wearer will be able to see all of the colors that are in the bracelet. The Retired Models freaked out when Terese informed us she’s also been working on a VISOR, how cool will that be at Coachella?!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.57.27 AM

All in all, we’re freaking out over Terese and know that LUMA’s future is as bright as the circuit bracelet on my wrist right now.

You can purchase your piece of LUMA at Terese’s online shop: http://www.luma-jewelsofperception.com



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Post interview in our LUMA goodies hanging out outside the showroom.
Post interview in our LUMA goodies hanging out outside the showroom.

One thought on “We Sat Down with Supermodel Terese Pagh & Here’s What Happened…

  1. It’s great to read the stories of model entrepreneurs, and Terese’s jewelry looks so cool and nostalgic (reminded me of Zenon)! She’s gorgeous as well! 🙂


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