Nate cooks for me because I’m incompetent when it comes to doing things in the kitchen. I’ve tried on several occasions to make eggs for breakfast and Nate literally can’t even choke them down and he’s essentially a human garbage disposal when it comes to eggs. Also, my mac and cheese sucks and I guess you get the picture so I’ll stop before I really embarrass myself.

Anyway, Nate’s leaving in a few hours to head back home to Wisconsin for an 11 day vacay. This will be the first time since we moved in together that we’ve spent more than a weekend apart. And we’ve probably only spent one weekend apart, if that. Pretty shocking to think about, but I think we both are excited for our alone time. However, he’s leaving me with a bare fridge. And I mean bare. Unless I get hungry for a cream cheese, expired sour cream, milk, catalina dressing sandwich with matcha powder, I’m pretty much out of luck and left crossing my fingers hoping Megs can scramble an egg.

I can’t wait for her to get here, it was a decision made less than 2 days in advance and we’ve already established a photoshoot, an interview, two meetings, one event and one party. All scheduled to happen in the three days she’s here and that’s barely scratching the surface. The Retired Models has been doing nothing but gaining steam since day 1, it’s only right to keep it going.





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