Megan’s Makeup Essentials

Yesterday, Yesi and I were working at the receptionists area when she turned to me and said, “Wow, you look really different with makeup on”. The weird thing is that I was only wearing a touch with mascara and my new favorite lipstick.

I hate hate hate putting make up on. It’s such an annoying process and then you have to take it all off. What’s the point?

I thank God for giving me good skin because I rarely get pimples. When I do, it’s like there is a giant planet on my face and it’s really uncomfortable. Like “Hey Megan, how are-HOLY HELL WHAT IS GROWING ON YOUR FOREHEAD?!”. In that case, I do dab a bit of concealer on it and pray that it doesn’t do that weird crusting up thing when it dries.

Anyways, I’ve received questions about what makeup I do wear so here we go:

1. Eyes


I use this brand because it’s cheap and I love the wand. I feel like it separates each eyelash one my one and lets me do the whole “cartoon character” look. You know the one. It’s like how the eyelashes are swept to the side. Like how does she even do this?


When I go out, I like to dab a bit of this on my waterline. I apply it haphazardly and then smudge it. I prefer the messier look to the perfect cat eye. I use a 212 Mac brush to apply it.

2. Face


Now, what I love about this is that it comes with both the concealer and the little powder plate. I don’t use a brush for this. Just my fingas (after washing them thoroughly, obviously)


These bad boys are fantastic. Also, you can sharpen them with virtually any sharpener you want so that’s rare. I don’t mind going makeup-less as long as I have my eyebrows penciled in. I use B79 Taupe.

3. Lips

Lip Liner and Lipstick:

I use “Pink Mauve”

 I know I’m going to get a lot of flack for this but I LOVE KYLIE JENNER’S LIPS. I know they’re fake and she doesn’t really need to overline them but since we all thought they weren’t (lol, we all knew), she started a trend. I have naturally big lips but I love making them even bigger a la Jolie style.

I line my lips first and then make some vertical marks with the lipliner so it blends with the lipstick.

And, these are my lips (one using an Armani lipstick that I stole from my mom and the other with the Nars duo):



Megan Kennedy

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