Monday Mood Music (delayed): Inspired by Recent Events

1. Lola by The Kinks

This is about a drunken man who spent the night with a woman who turned out to be a transvestite. It’s based on the band’s manager taking a transvestite home only to see the stubble in the morning. The reason I connected it to this week is quite obvious.


P.S: I know there is a difference between a transgender and a transvestite. IT JUST FIT WITH THE TOPIC OK.

2. Baby I Like It by Enrique Iglesias

For me, this song brings back memories of the Fourth of July before entering Sophomore year. I had drank too much and wound up making out with some kid who was a couple years older than me. When I declined his offer to have sex, he left me sitting on my friends bed. LOL. ANYWAYS, this is a shoutout to Enrique who sliced his fingers by trying to catch a drone during a concert. It was dumb on his part but the reason I’m going to feature him is because he kept performing afterwards. *dedication*

3. Fancy by Iggy Azalea 

I just read an article today that posed the question, “Why does everyone hate Iggy Azalea?”. Honestly, why?! I feel like it’s just Nickelback all over again. WHY DO WE EVEN HATE NICKELBACK?!

Anyways, I chose “Fancy” because did you see homegirl’s engagement ring?! Congrats to her!

4.  Blood on the Leaves by Kanye West

I chose this song because Kim is pregnant again. And, well, that involves a lot of blood so…

Also, I love this song.

5.  Long Live A$AP by Bipolar Sunshine

This song had no particular event. It’s just damn good.


Megan Kennedy

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