Hey everyone!

As you know, Abie and I are transitioning the blog into a more fashion industry based magazine of sorts. Think Tavi Gevinson’s RookieMag. We will still be sharing our thoughts and lives with you but it’s going to be a lot more of events, interviews, editorials, and basically anything involving people in the career.

We are looking for submissions from our readers! It can be fashion editorials, articles, interviews, artwork, Monday Mood Music, anything!

You can email your submissions at

Still, we want to remain relatable so we are accepting some things outside of fashion. For example, our guest poster, Rachel Mastics, writes of her life as an 18 year old who just graduated high school and is moving on to college.

Abie and I received very good news today from a big website! We can’t wait to share it with you.

I know this is cheesy but we really do love and value all of our readers. We would be nothing without you. Thank you for reading.


Megan Kennedy

P.S: we are accepting interviews from the acting industry as well!

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