Hey what’s up hello. I swear I am not trying to reference the song Trap Queen, but that sums up what I said for two days straight this week. To further explain I had FSU orientation. I think I said my name, hometown, and my major about 100 times per day to someone new or to someone I already told. I told someone my name and five seconds later they said, “wait sorry what was your name?” I mean I did it too so I am not complaining. I had a boy come up to me and say the cheesiest thing. He was walking next to me and he said, “you know, there’s something about standing next to someone and not talking to them. Hi I’m Justin.” He kind of said it in a weird manner as well so I was little caught off guard. I’m not really sure if that was his name either. I introduced myself and we talked but as soon as we got to the dorms I bolted. Sorry kid if you somehow read this one-day. It’s surprisingly very hard to remember people’s names because you’re so worried about meeting people and making friends that you just aren’t focused on what’s going on. Most people don’t want to be seen alone so they don’t even care what your name is as long as you guys are talking or walking together. I truly didn’t care if I was alone for a little because it wasn’t a big deal. But that’s just me. There are people who can never be alone, which I find weird. You shouldn’t be scared to be alone just because you think people will judge you. Go to the mall by yourself and if you can’t do it then you’re too worried about what people think or you just can’t stand being alone with your own thoughts. I just went off topic but I just hate when people think it’s weird to go to the mall or to the beach alone.

But to break it down I arrived at the beautiful FSU campus on Monday night to check into the dorm we had to stay at. The line was so long but I wasn’t that upset about it because I had to wait for my roommate anyways. Luckily, my friend has a friend who has a best friend and she gave me her number. I texted her and she said she was coming up the same days, which was AMAZING. Because I so did not want to room with some random girl who watched me while I sleep and/or try to kill me. We checked in and got our rooms and then we got assigned groups by alphabetical order that we would be with for the next two days. So, I got my group nametag and well, I was in the ‘extraterrestrial eggplants’ so that’s that. This first night we had a little meeting and then got to choose some “entertainment.” My roommate and I decided to do this ghost tour. Worst decision ever. It was so much walking and really wasn’t that scary. One story was how a girl was sunbathing on a building and got struck by lightning somehow and now she haunts one of the rooms. Wow I got scared writing that!

The next day from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm we moved from a big room to a small room and to a big auditorium back and forth. We just listened to people talk about the campus, about financial aid, campus life, etc. and it was just so much fun! Kidding, in a few of them I fell asleep, which I felt bad for doing but I mean they did wake us up at 6:30 by blasting music. (I got woken up to the song My Way by Fetty Wap.) The last thing we did was with our group in a small room. We got in a circle and if you agreed to what was said then you go in the circle and if you don’t want to answer or don’t agree then you don’t move. It was the weirdest thing. Here were some of the questions asked: go into the circle if you were adopted, if you know anyone gay or lesbian, if you drink, if you do drugs, if you know anyone who is HIV positive, and the most uncomfortable ones for everyone if you’re rich and then if you’re poor. Nobody went in for those last ones because most are in the middle or wealthy but don’t consider themselves rich and others are not poor but aren’t wealthy. And yes, someone did enter the circle when they asked if they were adopted. I don’t know this girl but I give her mad props for even being truthful and telling random people she was adopted. After going back and forth to halls and touring the campus for a little we FINALLY finished. We got to choose “entertainment” again but my roommate and I decided not to do anything and just chill in the room. She got attacked by fire ants all over her foot and my whole body was aching. So, pretty much we didn’t really feel like playing kickball or watching a movie at the theatre. BUT I did get popcorn for a dollar before I went to my room so that was great.

Our room and another room share a bathroom and we literally all can hear each other peeing and we have to lock both doors to use the bathroom. Well, our suite mates decided to keep our door locked. We didn’t notice until I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so we pounded on the door and they opened it five minutes later. They had two other girls hanging out in their room so they were so loud and we were already pissed at them for locking our door. They starting blasting a Drake song and so I decided to lock their door and start blasting the song Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches. If you don’t know this song, you need to go listen to the first minute of it. It’s by far the funniest song and I always play it to make situations awkward for people or just to be funny. Our suite mates shut up after that..well so we thought. It was like a little dorm battle. They started playing Screamo music which I think they thought was funny, but we thought it was funnier that we locked their bathroom door and they didn’t notice.

The next day we got woken up at 5:45 am. I almost wanted to die. We got woken up by a Sam Smith song, which made me want to stay in bed because it was so depressing. We had breakfast and then split off into groups with people in the same majors as us. I’m not quite sure what I want to be yet but I am currently majoring in Creative Writing. There were only three other girls in my group, which I was completely fine with considering I didn’t want this to take forever. We met our advisors and then headed off to go register for classes. ORIENTATION WAS FINALLY OVER AFTER THIS AT 12:00 pm. My shoulder is in pain from carrying a bag on it all day yesterday, my legs hurt, and I am tired. So that sums it up. I am very excited to start school but also quite nervous. I think it’s going to be a great four years at Florida State and I can’t wait! But, it does feel good to be back in West Palm Beach for now under the warm sun and tanning at the beach.

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