Monday Mood Music (Delayed)

Sorry for the delay but did you really expect me to post on Memorial Day? I was too busy guzzling mango daiquiris  saluting our troops.

1. It’s Only by ODESZA feat. Zyra

Words can’t even describe the greatness of this song. It’s funny because Zyra (who has the voice of a unicorn/angel) is singing these intense lines in such a downplayed way. She’s basically like, “Calm down, I’m only going to kill you”. Obviously, she’s not talking about literal killing but more of how much she wants to kill the person who broke her. Every girl has been there.

“I heard the news today;
That you’re not mine to keep.
Don’t struggle too much now
While I kill you in your sleep.”

2.  Glory and Gore by Lorde

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with this song. Lorde has that sexy, tough girl husky voice that draws you in as she talks about wreaking havoc. I feel like she was apart of a New Zealand Bling Ring when she was 13. Can’t you kind of imagine her running an underground fightclub or being a house mom in a brothel? I can. Anyways, I love the chorus to this and she sounds like she’s orgasming when she’s saying, “oooh, ooooh, you could try and take us, oooh, oooh, but we’re the gladiators”

“And the cry goes out
They lose their minds for us
And how it plays out
Now we’re in the ring
And we’re coming for blood”

3. bodyache by Purity Ring

Megan James is everything. Another Zyra-sounding voice, James sounds like a fairy on acid. Every song by Purity Ring makes me want to just wander through a field. I mean, “Fineshrine”?! Come on.

“I lied, now I’m lying awake
I cried until my body ache
I lie, now I’m lying awake
Now I’m lying awake, now I’m lying awake”

4. Untitled Mood Music by The Weeknd

Jesus Christ, just watch the video. Yesi played this for me a couple weeks ago for me and at first I was not excited because it is a live version. How much of a buzzkill is it to hear other people cheering and clapping while you’re trying to listen to a song? But daaaaaaaaaamn, this one is good. WATCH. THE. VIDEO.

“I only call you when it’s half past, five
The only time that I’ll be by, your, side
I only love it when you touch me, not feel me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me
When I’m fucked up, that’s the real me, yeah”


Megan Kennedy

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