Working with a Legend part 2

Mr.Scorsese smiled at me and  the rest of the extras. He exchanged some words with the assistant directors and other crew members before disappearing behind a screen. In comes Bobby Cannavale. I had just seen him in Blue Jasmine so I was a little starstruck that I was going to be “working” with him. He got right into position and we were told how to exist around him. The Latina girl and I were told to stand close to him and walk in front of him while pretending to have a conversation. After setting everyone up in their spots, the other actors came out. I don’t know what their real names are so we will refer to them as their respected characters: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Bonham. We didn’t even know what anyone’s lines were or anything. We were to only respond to the direction of the crew members.

Ten minutes of standing around and it was showtime. “Led Zeppelin” stood by the podium chatting as Bobby Cannavale stopped in his tracks with a bemused look on his face. The assistant director motioned for me to walk in front of Bobby and stand out of frame. The other extras began miming their assigned actions as well. Bobby walks over to Robert Plant and gives him a talking to about his record label. CUT!

The extras didn’t know what was coming next so we were to wait around in our designated spots. Since I was so close to Robert Plant, he turned my way. This actor had definitely gotten way too into character as he spoke in an affected accent.

“Whoa, baby girl. Those boots are rockin’! What’s your name?”

Jokingly, I replied, ” Penny Lane”

He cracked up at this and told the rest of his “band” what I had said.

We talked a bit more about random things and had a little flirtation going on. By the way he spoke, you could tell he got a lot of girls.

“What’re the chances of you joining me after the show?”, he said, channeling his inner rock-sex-god.

“Hmm, only if I get to keep Jimmy Page’s jacket”, I motioned to Jimmy’s bedazzled costume.

Amidst the laughter, the assistant director came back and motioned for me to follow him.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m going to be kicked off for talking to the actors. FUCK!

“Martin likes the way you interact with them. He wants to put you in a scene where they talk about you as a groupie, OK?”


The assistant director told me to follow his lead and continue with my already rehearsed actions. The other girls were seething that I had gotten this opportunity and they hadn’t. A crew member held up the marker and I lit my cigarette. ACTION!

Bobby stopped, and I walked over to my spot while puffing away at my cigarette. I decided to give Robert Plant’s character “bedroom eyes” for when the camera panned over to me. From having to do countless shoots with this seductive look, I had it down and used it to flirt with guys in real life. The key to it is actually just looking at that person and thinking about what you want them to do to you in bed later that night. Or just thinking of any naughty action at all. Go ahead, try it in the mirror. Let me know if you get a mischevious and sexy smile on your face.

Homeboy took a picture of my boots and didnt tag me

 Bobby and Robert didn’t stop speaking this time.

Robert voiced, “You see that little bird over there?”, while pointing at me.

All eyes were on me. HOLY SHIT. I kept my cool and continued with my sensual smize. It felt like the camera was on me for hours when it was actually just 50 seconds. In TV, that’s still pretty good exposure. Coming back to face Bobby’s distressed face, Robert continued.

“I’m going to do to her what your record label is trying to do to us.”

He grinned and made a hump-thrusting movement before John Bonham pretended to rally them for the performance as they yelled cut.

Martin decided that it looked strange that I was by myself when all of the other groupies had friends with them. He picked the Latina girl to stand next to me. We were told to pretend to talk about how much we wanted to fuck the band. We nodded like professionals.


The Latina girl and I strode past Bobby with arms linked like we had known each other for years. She dropped her arm as soon as we were off camera and watched the real actors. Robert once again motioned at us “birds” and we returned our sultry looks and mouthed words to each other about who had the bigger package.

We did this about 15 times before they decided they got the shot.

Next would be when John Bonham is leading them to the stage after the Bobby exchange. The assistant director told us that anything goes as long as we looked like we were following them and getting pumped for the show. The Latina and I decided to tag team Robert Plants character and walk on each side of him while smiling at eachother. He cracked up the first time we did this but the Assistant Director loved it! We did a couple takes like that and then other girls decided to beat us to the punch. Whatever, we still held hands and pretended like we were so EXCITEDFDKJGKGJ.

Right when they would run up to the stage, a couple groupies were selected to go up as well. I crossed my fingers like a child and was picked. They told us where to stand and to just dance along to the music. I flung my body around as I felt the music.

im on the left 🙂

“Lonely, lonely, lonely..”, Robert Plant crooned actually sounding like the real Robert Plant.

The next scene was just of the roadies and band. The groupies were brought to the waiting room and we all put our heads down or played on our phones. I didn’t realize how tired I was from dancing and standing until I finally sat.

All in all, the shoot ended at 11 PM which is crazy to think about. The waiting around really does take forever but because you’re so excited, you don’t even notice.

A lot of people ask me if I would ever try it again. I did two other TV shows but didn’t get as much camera time. Those jobs only paid $100 for a days work but I received a nice check from the 50 seconds I was on Scorsese’s monitor. I like acting and I would definitely be down to do some more work. It’s a much more playful and exciting set life over modeling. With modeling, you’re waiting hours for makeup and it’s a lot more waiting around and not doing anything.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my story! I’m going to be on the pilot episode so be sure to look out for me there (if they don’t cut my part 😦  )


Megan Kennedy

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