Working with a Legend

I think I’ve spoken about my brief stint with acting before but I’ve decided to write about a certain job I did last summer.

As you all know, I impulsively decided to spend the summer in New York last year. I wasn’t interested in modeling in the Big Apple because I felt like that ship had sailed. I always had an interest in doing some acting but I decided that it was probably a long shot and I didn’t know if I wanted to go back down that casting-filled, stressful rabbit hole.

My producer friend visited town sometime in the beginning of June and took me out to lunch and he told me that I really needed to get into acting. I had always been told that I had a very “out there” personality that was made for TV but never by anyone so high up in the industry. He made a call to Grant Wilfley casting which he had used for a previous movie his company produced and set up the appointment for me to meet with them.

The next day, I walked from my FiDi apartment to the casting agency. They sat me right away and I spoke to GW himself. He was very polite and took my photos before introducing me to the office. The next day, I was booked for a fitting in Tribeca. For what you may ask? A FREAKING MARTIN SCORSESE MOVIE.I was to play a groupie for Led Zeppelin in the 70’s. Apparently, it’s supposed to be the new Entourage.

I showed up to a really cool looking office with brick interior and filled out the paperwork. Racks and racks of bohemian attire were around me as well as two walls just dedicated to boots. Simone, the stylist, picked out a purple mini dress that had a daisy print on it. It fit my waist perfectly but my boobs were busting out of it and it barely concealed the bottom of my ass. I put the tiny black shorts I wore that day underneath and they loved it. They decided to keep the intense cleavage because I was after all a groupie. Simone paired the outfit with knee high brown boots and feather earrings. My hair was already wavy from me not brushing it so they decided to leave it as is. I got the OK from the main costume designer and double kissed Simone good bye. I couldn’t wait to be on camera again!

A week later, I was on a bus at 5 AM and headed to film in Long Island. I sat next to another extra who was about 50 years old and wouldn’t shut up about the one time he went to see Led Zeppelin. I popped my head phones in when he stopped talking for a moment and zoned out. I dreamed of Martin Scorsese asking me to be his new muse and a life of an actress. Before I knew it, we had arrived to an arena that had been around forever. We were recreating one of Led’s concerts in that very same place, decades later.

The signing in process was probably the most annoying. There were about 60 extras, including myself, in the waiting area just twiddling our thumbs.

An hour later, we were ushered to the changing areas. We were separated into groups of what we were : security, journalists, roadies, groupies, and photographers. I groaned when I saw that there were about 14 of us groupies. Getting noticed would be a lot more difficult. I changed and waited for a hair and makeup chair to avail. They thought I didn’t need anything done except for my brows to be penciled in. I had already secretly applied copious amounts of mascara. They put two strands of my hair up then told me I was set for approval. We all stood in a line while the costume designer appraised us. He thought that I needed something else to draw attention to my breasts. CAUSE, YOU KNOW, I WAS PLAYING A SLUT.

┬áThe assistant stylist then tried to create a feather and bead necklace for me. She couldn’t get it at the right length which was stressing me out because all of the other girls had already walked towards where they were filming. She,too, was frazzled so she decided to adjust it as we walked over to the others. Assistant directors had already began picking the girls and there were three left when I joined. I was worried that they were done picking the bigger extra roles and that I would be blurred into oblivion. We all held our breath when the assistant director came back to choose two more girls. He looked at me quizzically and literally said, “Where were you? we were looking for you.” and grabbed me and another latina girl.

He placed us behind some kind of podium and gave us each a pack of cigarettes to smoke. My “co-star” opted for the Honeyrose fake cigarettes while I chose the American Spirits. Yum.

The murmurs died down and I looked up and was basically face to face with HIM.


Oops, my time has run out and I have to go! I will finish up the rest of the story tomorrow!


Megan Kennedy

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