Get Off & Get Out by Rachel Mastics

Raise your hand if you have an iPhone. Okay…well if you don’t then I guess raise your hand if you have a phone with a camera. The sun is rising and the cool, soft breeze is brushing your face as you sit in your lounge chair right on the beach. You just want to enjoy this natural and beautiful thing with no distractions, but that’s pretty unusual these days. Everywhere you look someone has his or her cell phone out. To your right that young guy is taking a Snapchat video of the sun rising, to your left a girl is taking a selfie with the sunrise, and in front of you a couple of adults are just taking about a thousand pictures of it. I mean they could just be tourists because Florida sunrises on the beach are amazing. But, if you just look about half the people around you are on their phones. I swear no one can enjoy what is going on around them or enjoy a vacation because everyone is so caught up in taking photos of everything. I began to realize this when I was on my way to school and I noticed how pretty the sunrise was and I pulled my phone out to take a picture. But in that moment I realized there is no point. Everyone is seeing the sunrise they don’t need to see a picture I took of it on Snapchat. It’s so much more relaxing when you just enjoy the moments around you. We live through our phones and without them we’d be screwed.

This generation is so weird. If there is any silence at dinner or at a friend’s house, people automatically go straight on their phones. Silence is OKAY sometimes, you don’t need to check your phone every five seconds. I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t do that because I do, but I’m really trying not to do it as much. I’ve gone out to dinner with my friends and even my parents and I tell them something and no one responds. Then a couple seconds later I hear, “wait what did you say?” I hate repeating myself especially if someone didn’t hear me because they were on their phone. The worst is when I’m talking to someone and its like they’re in another world. They don’t look up from the phone and they don’t hear nor notice anything going on around them. “Hey mom what’s for dinner?” and five minutes later still no response. Adults are just as bad with their phones and they’re not even taking selfies! They’re mostly trying to zoom in on Instagram photos, which you cannot do or take a couple minutes to text something using one finger. With selfies, I swear I have watched someone on the street take about twenty of them just to send to someone for about five seconds and then it disappears.

Whenever my phone is on 2% battery it’s like a slow motion run while yelling, “nooooo” just to make it to the charger. Although, the worst is when your phone dies when you’re out and you don’t have a charger. I mean how are you going to live? No selfies, no Instagram pictures, no Twitter!! How pathetic does that sound? Well, that’s what goes through just about everyone’s mind. Not even the fact that if you get abducted you have no way of calling someone.

Snapchat, though, is by far the worst with the topic of phones. I use Snapchat so much I annoy myself. I have my Snapchat open all the time because I love to take videos. I’ll be sitting at my house and I’ll just film random things I see on TV like when Kendall Jenner messed up announcing at the Billboard Awards or when Jennifer Lawrence fell going up the stairs at the Oscars. Even at Sunfest I was taking a lot of Snaps. There, some girl tried to twirl a neon lit up hula hoop and hit herself in the face and dropped it, I got it on video and I laughed for hours. So I guess it wasn’t too bad I had my phone out. But that’s not the point. Basically, it’s the fact that we’re on our phones so much we don’t get to just enjoy the moments going on around us. At concerts every one pulls out their phones and films the whole thing. First of all, doesn’t your arm start to hurt after awhile? Second, are you even watching the performance? I’m assuming it’s much better live rather than on your tiny phone screen the next morning. But that’s just me.

I saw a five year old on an iPad a couple of days ago at dinner. I was so horrified because when I was five I was playing with baby dolls and drawing things. I swear this generation is going to be full of mindless kids with no creative minds. Where will the writers and the painters go? I honestly think that if we just put our phones down for a period of time and just enjoy the good things in life we’ll be better off. Use your phone when you need it, not to check your Instagram every five minutes to see if there are any new posts.

I feel like my posts so far have all ended with an inspirational farewell. So, enjoy the sunset, sunrise, party, and concert without your phone and you’ll appreciate them all more. And if someone says, “do you have any pictures?” You’ll say, “no because I actually watched it.” So, dim your iPhone screen and it’ll brighten your life.

One thought on “Get Off & Get Out by Rachel Mastics

  1. Not even going to lie, this made me want to read a book I’ve been meaning to read forever. I completely agree with this post and couldn’t have said it better myself. And if you do take pictures of every little thing and show them to other people, they never appreciate it as much as you do because they were not there to actually experience it. Just leaving my two cents (;


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