A Wedding for the Books

Question: Do you remember the first wedding you ever went to?

Did that conjure up memories of running around in a poufy flower girl dress or of you standing on your fathers feet while he does the box-step?

Now, do you remember the last wedding you went to?

That probably brought back images of slugging countless glasses of champagne, tearing up during the parent speech, or gettin’ low on the dance floor with grandmother who’s hip all of the sudden isn’t hurting her.

The last wedding I went to was in February of this year. Brandon had invited me in January to his cousin’s wedding and because of work I thought I wouldn’t be able to go. This crushed me because I so desperately wanted to go and meet my boyfriend’s family. As the weeks drew closer and closer, I decided why not see if I could try to get off. I begged and begged my manager like a toddler until he said “yes”.

Actually, he didn’t say “yes”. It was more of, “JESUS CHRIST MEGAN MY TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER ISN’T EVEN THIS ANNOYING.”

I booked my flight and we flew to Connecticut. I was greeted with brisk air and snow-blanketed trees. North Haven reminds me of a winter version of Pleasantville. The wedding was the next day so Brandon and I dined with his friends from childhood and had an easy night. The next morning, I awoke to the sound of Brandon unzipping his suitcase and laying out his suit. My God, can he rock a suit.

I steamed my Parisan-bought black dress and took out my never-been-worn Gianvito Rossi shoes. The tights I had to wear kind of took away from the beauty of the shoes but whatever.

We drove to the church and watched a beautiful ceremony. Lindsey, Brandon’s cousin and the bride, looked magnificent as she walked down the aisle while making “I love you” eyes at her future husband. Brandon and I (mostly me) had a death grip on the entire time out of excitement. After the vows, a family member whispered to Brandon, “You’re next”. My heart leaped and I kissed his cheek while saying, “I’M GOING TO BE YOUR BRIDE DON’T YOU FORGET IT” with my eyes.

Afterwards, Brandon introduced me to everyone which was quite overwhelming. I didn’t want to disappoint them and I prayed that they would like me. Luckily, everyone was very warm and friendly in their welcoming Italian way.Then, it was time to make our way over to Saybrook Inn for the reception.

We pulled up to the charming, New-England style hotel and checked in with everyone. I met more of the cousins and relatives as Brandon and I made our way over to the bar. I chatted some more with his adorable father before it was time for us to go to the reception.

It was breathtakingly beautiful. The setup was fantastic and we had little place cards that said “MR BRANDON BULLER AND MISS MEGAN KENNEDY”. We sat and guzzled more champagne while everyone made their heartfelt speeches. I didn’t want to mess up my makeup so I tried to distract myself while her father spoke sweet and nostalgic words. The food came out next and we picked at it while chatting among ourselves. I peered over to the bride and groom and they had those love eyes. I smiled to myself at this sight.

The DJ turned up the music after our meals and everyone hit the dance floor. We got down to the greatest hits of today and everyone was having a blast. Brandon’s grandmother ditched her cane before joining me to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. Brandon and his father held onto shoulders when “Shout” came on. Jamie, Brandon’s sister, and her husband, Dan, lip-synced to “Love Shack” by the B-52’s.

Hours later, we had danced our little hearts out and took advantage of the bar until it was time to retire to our rooms. In our giddy drunk moods, Brandon and I recounted the night with non-stop laughter.

“Your grandma literally threw down the cane to come twerk with me.”

He slipped on the hotel robe and slippers (probably his favorite things in the world) and danced to music playing off of his phone. I laid back and held my breath. He noticed me staring at him and asked if I was okay. Of course, I said yes but deep down I was dreaming of our future together and what our wedding would look like one day if we got to that point. I hoped that it would be as incredible at Lindsey and Ryan’s.

I’m sure you’re thinking it’s strange to write about someone else’s wedding when I don’t even know them very well but there is an image that’s stuck with me: the look that the newly-married couple gave each other amidst the reception madness. It was like the world stopped spinning for a second. The bouquet, the invitations, the reception, the dress, the gifts; it was all there and perfect but it didn’t matter to them in that very moment. All that really mattered was the two of them and how much they loved each other.

That’s how they looked at each other.

Thank you so much for including me.


Megan Kennedy

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