Monday Mood Music by Kendall Deflin

How would I describe Kendall? Two words that come to my mind are “Woodstock” and “fairy”.

Kendall Deflin
Kendall Deflin

Kendall’s one of those girls that you see her Facebook photos and wonder why she always looks effortlessly cool. She’s not the typical Palm Beacher, meaning you won’t see her walking around in Lily Pulitzer and Jack Rogers. She prances around town looking like a Free People ad with gladiator sandals and a breezy top. Seriously, she looks like she should always be wandering around on the beach in Bali or softly swaying at a rock concert.

Kendall Deflin.
Kendall Deflin.

I ran into her at Imoto and we chatted over Buccan Teas. She told me she’s been checking out the blog and thinks it’s great. I had been drafting my Monday Mood Music just before going to the famed bar and I thought of how much I love her music taste.

“YOU SHOULD DO A MUSIC POST FOR ME!!!!”, I blurted out.

She agreed and created this beautiful list with mini descriptions.

Thank you, Kendall!

1. “Keep Going” by The Revivalists


The Revivalists are great friends of mine from New Orleans and their music has comforted me for the last 2 years. I can listen (and have many times) to all of their records on repeat and find something new every time; whether it’s a note, a lyric, or a memory, this band makes me feel at home. This song came out last week as the first single from their upcoming album Men Amongst Mountains (available July 17th on Wind-Up Records) and is the new, fresh, and inspiring “song of summer” that will be queued in my playlist as a starred track for repeat. 

2. ” Morgan’s Organs/Fools Gold” by Raggy Monster 


I stumbled into this band over the weekend at an art brewery. I like sharing live sessions because it showcases the musicianship of a band in a tightly organic way, such as in this performance. Raggy Monster struck a chord with my dark side right away. My inner poetry freak secretly died when I listened to their lyrics and only furthered my nerdy appreciation for their classically trained technicalities. Even better though, the two leaders of the band, the singer and the pianist, are married. They are the definition of bad ass and I am happy to be in support of their love and art.

3. “Wait For The Moment” by Vulfpeck


The vibe to this song has an essence of supreme chillness; another summer jam. Antwaun Stanley’s voice is stunning and finely complements the subtle funkification that is the band Vulfpeck. This being a chiller track than their others, I believe it can be enjoyed by any appreciator of music and can easily cross over into multiple genres. If this song doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.

4. “Get Outside” by Robert Palmer


Recorded in 1974 on one of my favorite albums of all time “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley”. I return to this song as a pick-me-up when I need it. We all have those days when you just don’t feel right. I suggest you listen to this song, remember you aren’t alone in the thoughts, take Palmer’s advice, and get the fuck outside. Nature heals all.

5. “Only Love” by The Nth Power

This song is a beautiful reminder that love will and does save everything. Put your heart into it, and it will count. Another band of homies reminding the world to bring the love and let it shine, because love and happiness are contagious and worth spreading like fuckin wildfire. Don’t search for the answer, be the answer, be the light!

Thank you, Kendall!


Megan Kennedy

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