Guest Post: Being Done by Rachel Mastics

Done. Finished. El Fin. A faire. Finally being done with high school is so bittersweet. I’m so excited to move on and make new memories, but I am also quite sad that I’ll never see some of these people again. I’ll never drive into the Newman parking lot full of pot holes and dirt, never get in trouble for my shirt being untucked, and never have Mrs. Hendricks, my history teacher, yell at me for not throwing trash away. I think those are the things I won’t miss, but it’s still so surreal to think of things that are my “lasts”. I’ve made so many memories with so many people. I sometimes wish there was a gap year where we could just spend time with friends and family or for me, travel. Take a break from the stress of school and just be free. I, personally, would want to go to New York then head to California. I definitely want to get out of Florida for a little at some point in my life. High school has definitely brought bad times but so many good times as well. I still remember meeting people for the first time. I met one of my now close friends at lunch freshman year. She didn’t want to sit with her boyfriend at lunch and everyone was making a big deal out of it.

I was sitting next to her and I said, “it’s honestly fine you don’t need to sit with him.”

“Thank you for agreeing!” she said.

After that we started singing Disney Channel show theme songs and bonded immediately. I really don’t know why. But I mean, Disney Channel was the shit. I remember meeting my other best friend walking down the stairs and being introduced to her. A boy from my middle school was oddly obsessed with her and would talk about her a lot, so I causally made fun of him to her and she laughed. When I think about it I made most of my friends with just one-liners and then a day later would talk to them more and more. I love reminiscing. I’m currently looking at old pictures from freshman year and I am regretting it. I either wore my hair on the side in a ponytail or just straightened it. A couple of my friends would wear full-face makeup. Now, we come into school with no makeup on and our hair in a ponytail or just down with our natural hair. Things are so different now. With teachers, I think I will only miss a few. I mean I don’t think I am really going to miss someone who gave me a detention for not wearing my school I.D. or yelling at me because I went to the bathroom.

The teachers I hate the most are the ones who do not know how to teach and then when everyone fails the test they get mad. I’ll tell you what I will miss, though. I’ll miss bringing chicken minis into first period or freshman year driving to school with my brother. Although, he’d play rap music that I didn’t really like. BUT senior year was by far the best year of high school. I would say whatever I wanted to in the halls and I really didn’t care who heard or thought I was weird. Hell, I got voted class clown so I felt unstoppable. Being a senior is like being king or queen. You can act however you want because you really don’t care if a freshman gives you a dirty look. I mean I would hope a freshman wouldn’t do that unless they’re dumb. There are so many privileges as well like walking in the Fashion Show, wearing jeans on Fridays, and well…graduating from the hellhole itself.

Our last day of school we had a senior water balloon fight and it was awesome. I really thought it wasn’t going to be fun, but pelting people with water balloons was a dream come true. Although it’s said a lot, it is also very true that senior year goes by so fast. It feels like it was September a few months ago and I was beginning my final year of high school. All the things I was looking forward to such as Sunfest, Prom, and Homecoming are already gone. Graduation is coming up soon and I think it’ll hit me then that I might not see most of these people again and I will be leaving my parents. The class of 2015 will never be in one place again. As my name is called and I walk down to get my diploma and I stare out into the crowd, I think I will then realize that although it has been a long and hard journey it has all been worth it. I’m going remember all the memories I’ve made and all the lessons I’ve learned and take them with me.

My advice to everyone still in high school that’s reading this is to just enjoy every moment and not worry about what others think of you!


Rachel Mastics

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