Cat Party

No, this is not a post about Taylor Swift.

Jesus Christ, how annoying is that whole “I’m-a-self-proclaimed-cat-lady-and-I-love-the-Haim-sisters” thing. I am not really sure why she bugs me so much. She. Just. Does.

Yesterday, my friend, Yesi, invited her other friend over who has kittens to give away. I’ve been wanting a pet for the longest time but I’ve been in that should-I-or-shouldn’t-I stage. Yesi and I cracked open a couple beers and patiently waited for the kittens to arrive. All of the sudden, we see two girls coming up the stairs with a giant box. That giant box contained 4 of the cutest little bebe’s in the world. We placed them in the living room and let them do their thing. One of the tan ones gravitated towards me and fell asleep on my lap. I just knew that this would become my new child.

Yesi adopted the black and white angelic fluffball so I decided to adopt my sleeping cherub. Since my apartment is being fumigated for the next two days, I’m picking him up on Saturday. I’ve decided to name him Basil.






Megan Kennedy 


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