An Ode to Megan

So, I’m in the office and doing office-y things. I get a text from my mom which usually I wait until I go on my smoke break to read because it’s usually something about last nights episode of 19 Kids and Counting or her saying “hi veggie”. She sent me a document and I clicked on it. It was a poem to me. After reading it, I was floored. Basically, she described my life perfectly and hearing it from her pulled a heartstring. My mom is very moral and religious so to read her accepting me and my past was crazy. She writes about my father, career, drug use, and present. I was at a loss for words. I love you, mommy. Thank you so much.

On April 18th 

my youngest of four

Was born at St Marys 

to even the score 

Two boys and two girls

The American dream 

Born of two lawyers

What a blessing it would seem

Her eyes crystal blue 

Her round precious face

Look at this baby

Nothing could replace

The joy the satisfaction 

I felt with my Megan 

Joining our family

As her newest safe haven

Ah but not for long

As the turmoil did start

The drama the chaos

Piercing her heart

How could she know

She was only age two

The product of divorce

Yet life born anew

Off to Wellington 

ANew place to start

No more familiarity

Alcohol ripped us apart

Dad won’t stop drinking

So mommy cant stay

Can’t compete with a bottle

I would often say

Her brother rambunctious

Her mother a mess

The yelling the upheaval

A life full of stress 

Megan created her world 

With structure and order

She took care of herself 

Despite the disorders

This one is hyper

This one ADD

The step dad is manic 

Oh where can meg flee

Into her own mind 

With dignity and trust

Megan did so embark 

In her upper crust 

Private schools, fancy cars

She lived a privileged life

Torn between two worlds 

Her father and his new wife

Stay with mom

Or go with dad?

She did both

Didn’t drive her mad

She was steady and true

Lived a balanced life 

Grew into a beauty 

Regardless of family strife

My Megan my Megan

Left on her own

The youngest of four

Independent and strong

And one fateful day

While at the mall 

A scout did inquire

Such a beauty, so tall

“Would you like to model

Do take our cards

Show your mother, the lawyer

And see what evolves”

Interviews digitals 

shoots in Miami 

Agencies clawed 

For Megan’s notoriety 

Oh the money was good

Perks fashion and fame

But other issues emerged

Was cocaine to blame?

Meg modeled in Asia

London and LA

Oh what a life 

Wouldn’t you say

Romance, vodka, 

partying hard

What happened to meg

In partying she starred

The promoters the life style

Beauty opens doors

Rubbing elbows with celebrities

Glamour galore

The clubbing, the Molly

TheDrinking and drugs

Cig smoking, fancy dining

The clothes getting snug

Working hard 

at this modeling career

With the attraction of cocktails

whispering in her ear 

Adderal klonipin 

and Zoloft too

Bring em all on

She could use quite a few

The stress of the job

At Only five foot eight

Her beauty did reign

But competition was steep

“I’m not tall enough

They want androgynous creatures

You know the ones

With masculine  features”

The fear of rejection

Go sees and castings

Had Created anxiety

None for the asking

Editorial commercial 

Meg  fit the bill

Billboards and magazines

It was such a thrill

Something was missing

A void shall we say

Her life was unsettled

From day to day

Meg sought stability

And as she saw fit

A move back to florida

To a family close knit

Her brothers her sister

And lo and behold 

Natalie faith

Had entered the world

And so it made sense

ToLeave the west coast

Come back to palm beach

Where she’s  missed the most

A simple existence 

No more toxicity

A life fullOf charm

Blogging authenticity 

So where oh where 

will this story end

Will meggie marry

Her loving best friend?

Will she raise kids 

With Brandon her soulmate

And stay here in palm beach

At some future date?

Or will she set off 

an exciting adventure

Off to the big apple

On a business venture?

Wherever she lands

It will be on her feet

So proud of my Meg 

She won’t know defeat

We both have come far 

I’ve changed quite a bit

We both grew in ways 

With maturity and wit

As One never knows 

what the future does hold

One thing Megan taught me

It’s cool to be bold 

Strive for your dreams

There’s so much potential

The sky is the limit

Let life be eventful

– Lorri Kennedy


Megan Kennedy

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