It’s my Brandon’s birthday today! Happy 26th!

Last night was a great time. I started off at Imoto since Brandon had to get drinks with some
clients. One of my best friends works there so we got to catch up on our girl talk while I sipped on the amazing Vodka tea they offer. I ate the best Tuna tartare that I have ever had. Psst, they serve it over fried crunchy rice. The taste and textures are very similar to the Spicy Tuna at Sushiya on Sunset Blvd. If you’re in Palm Beach, this is a must. Also, always request Susan, Simonne, or Taylor to be your bartender. Love those ladies.

Brandon finally showed after my 3rd drink. Yesterday, I was very busy at work and I didn’t have time to eat a normal meal so these drinks hit me hard. In comes the birthday boy and orders DOM PERIGNON. Who orders Dom at sushi restaurants? MY MAN. After drinking the special tea, the delicious champagne taste was a little bit too intense so I asked Susan to add some O.J. We were dancing with our mimosas and celebrating our love. I pulled out a letter I wrote him and read it to him. I deleted it off of my work computer where I had made it so I don’t have it to share but it made him tear up a bit. Basically, it was me telling him how lucky I am to have such an amazing guy in my life.

We finished the bottle around 10 PM or so and headed back to mine. The ocean looked so beautiful and as if he was reading my mind, Brandon suggests taking a dip. Now, usually I am terrified of being in the ocean at night because you can’t see anything in the navy water but I was craving it. We parked at my apartment and walked a block to my beach. I didn’t want to ruin my pretty black lace bra so I decided to go in the nude. And so did my babe.We splashed around like kids and clung to each other. Our bodies felt so good together in the salty warm waters. I wanted to stay in there forever.

Thirty minutes later, we got out and put our clothes back on. We walked hand-in-hand back to my little studio. After showering off the sea water, we laid in bed and I presented him with his gifts. Brandon has been the biggest pain in the ass about letting me get him something and refused to tell me any information. I decided to go with a cologne he’s been meaning to buy, a pair of Prada shoes, and Lion Country Safari tickets. He’s been dyiiiiiiiing to go to Lion Country Safari and I told him it’s not as cool as it sounds. He was shocked about the tickets and kissed me like a mad man. I am definitely dating an eight year old.

But when he opened the shoes, my heart melted in a puddle. He looooooved them! He protested that he hated that I bought such expensive shoes but held them close to his chest. He loved them! His friend called him at midnight and Brandon said, “DUDE YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT MEGAN JUST GOT ME!”. It reminded me of when my brother got really nice shoes when he was seven and slept with them in his bed for a month. I just realized that I’m grinning like an idiot while typing this. My Brandon. My teddy bear.

I’m so totally taken by this overgrown boy. My sweet, loving boy.

Happy birthday, my dear.

I love you, B.



Megan Kennedy

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