An Interview with… An Artist: Blake Norris

M: Tell us about yourself.

Blake's portrait of me!
Blake’s portrait of me!

B: My name is Blake and I am a studio artist  trying to stay up on my production while also maintaining sanity. I am originally from Arkansas but try to move enough to keep life interesting, my life partner in crime Catherine a fellow artist is very supportive and nomadic as well. My art recently has dealt with sexuality and an approach to nudes with abstract shapes. I also love a good nude watercolor or just working from spontaneous creativity. I also really like cars, go figure.


M: When did you first discover your artistic talent?

B: I was very young when I knew and always went with it. Lots of fridge art and color pencil work when I was young. My elementary art teacher was amazing and became a professor of mine in college. She is a friend and mentor now. My family is also very supportive.

Self Portrait by Blake Norris
Self Portrait by Blake Norris

M: Which is your favorite piece of artwork and why?

B: Helen Frankenthaler is amazing but hard to pick just one. I prefer the more composed pieces than the saturation pieces. The young, college-like Blake was all about outside the box ideas and was an artist who pushed the boundaries. I looked at and read any thing about modern/contemporary art.

M: I always think that Palm Beach is such a random place for someone to move. Maybe it’s just because I grew up here and always viewed it as a small town. What brought you here?

B: We came here on vacation and ended up staying because we’re into that sort of thing. To me, Palm Beach has so much more to offer an artist: the galleries, Art Basel in Miami, and close proximity to other communities that are art centered. We love the beach and constant temperatures but may need a change of scenery in the future.

M: What is your favorite museum/gallery?

B: I had a great experience in Houston at the Museum of fine arts Houston. The collection was great and they also had a big moving show that had all the major modern art pieces. The Guggenheim in New York is also a favorite.

by Blake Norris
by Blake Norris

M: What advice would you give to someone who wants to turn their artistic ability into a career?

B: I title this

                                      The Truth

If you are not dedicated to the idea of exposing yourself and your ideas to be judged harshly by the uneducated and highly educated at the same time, its not your huckleberry kid. Oh and the fact you have no value and or worth is a big part of life. But yeah thats the old jest of the art game and the idea that you get out what you put in  is a lie. If you don’t move to New York good luck.

Thank you so much, Blake! You can check out more of his artwork at his website


Megan Kennedy

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