Monday Mood Music


Here’s some music to get your through the week…

1. Goodbye Stranger by Supertramp

You know those songs you hear on the radio and immediately remember the movie you heard it in? Listen to this song and it will give you equal feelings of feels and happiness.

“Goodbye stranger, it’s been niiiice. Hope you find your paradiiiiiise.”

2. Goin’ in for the Kill by French Montana ft. Chinx Drugs

Yes, this post did just go 0-100 real quick. This is a “rage” song. Listen to it after your 2nd or 3rd drink and it’ll make your night.

3. Drowning by BANKS

A feels song for sure. The beat makes it less sad. I heard it for the first time at a friends pool party on surround sound speakers. Dope.

4. Beggin for Thread by BANKS

Her voice is addictive. Listen to her on loud and you’ll see the future.

5. Deckchairs on the Moon by Bipolar Sunshine

Brought to you by my beau. He played this while driving down S Ocean boulevard on the island. This song is wonderland-esque.


Megan Kennedy

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