Lemme Upgrade Ya

Sorry that I’ve been slacking on writing and fixing the blog. This weekend is going to be dedicated to fixing it up and making it perfect. My ask.fm is no longer going to be up because my site now has an anonymous question plug-in installed. I will post the new website link on my old blog so people can stop getting confused. Also, you can register to be a member on this site (for free obviously).

I’m going to make this blog more concentrated. The posts will be different categories and on a schedule. I’m going to be figuring that out with Abie this week. So far:

Monday: Weekend recap, Songs for the Week

Tuesday: Reader Guest Post, Random Article

Wednesday: Interviews, Random Article

Thursday: Abie’s Guest Post.

Friday: Random Article


Saturday & Sunday: OFF! We may have a random article on Sunday but it’s not likely.

The random article will vary. It could be about sex&love, model life, news, memoir, etc. Abie and I will discuss different things to add to each day.

Soooo excited!


Megan Kennedy

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