Guest Post: High School by Rachel Mastics

Think back on the movie, Accepted, with Justin Long and Blake Lively for a second. Justin is standing in the middle of a college hallway and everything and everyone is just speeding past him, going to class and mindlessly walking around. It’s the same thing everyday. Wake up, learn, sleep in a boring class, lunch, go home, do four hours of homework, and repeat. I always think back on that scene because it’s like a constant headache. Why are we doing the same thing everyday? What is all this pointless learning of algebraic equations going to do for me in the future? Why am I not learning about how to pay my taxes or how to survive in the real world? Is this all that is out there for me? Although, it’s not just a constant repeat of school things. The other aspect is the drama of high school. Drama is a huge part of high school, but that’s how it has always been in every grade. In elementary school the drama was mostly, “did you take my pencil?” and middle school it was, “why are you sitting next to him in class? I like him!” Everyday it is something new about hookups, parties, the way someone looks, or some rumor that makes absolutely no sense. Everyone acts like their life is so terrible, but to quote from The Virgin Suicides, “you’re not even old enough to know how bad life gets.” Drama and rumors can’t make your life horrible unless you let them. I mean imagine this, you get to school and you’re already bombarded by some new drama or rumor. Overnight, like wildfire something started that quickly. Yes, it is that fast. One day I came into school with my Chik-fil-a Chicken Minis and I heard about some site that some kid had started, trying to be like Gossip Girl.

A question was asked, “What do you think of her?”
And the kid replied, “She’s an ugly whore with no friends.”

With a Chicken Mini hanging out of my mouth, I didn’t know how to react as I looked it up online and saw it all. How could something like this have gained so much attention? I guess Dan Humphrey was right when he said, “you’re nothing until you’re talked about”. This kid didn’t get in much trouble, but everyone knows who he is…but more because everyone hates him. I mean telling someone they’re fat or to go kill themselves aren’t the best things to say online. He tried to apologize, but then a day later made a Twitter and yet again started saying horrible things about people. Another time there is a lot of (pointless) drama is prom time. A Facebook page was started to make sure no one had the same prom dress. So one random night my friend posted a photo of her dress on the page and ten minutes later I look at my phone and there are about 100 text messages in my group chat with my friends. When I got home I immediately read through each and every message. Everyone was saying, “go look on Facebook” and “guys back us up on this.” So, being really confused, I went online and I guess my friend had posted a photo of a dress some girl had already posted. Well, let’s just say the comments back and forth weren’t the nicest and friendliest things. Everyone was just bantering back and forth about how this girl posted it first and my friends were replying with “she has senior privilege” which really made no sense. All of this was so drawn out. A couple minutes later, since I hadn’t responded my friends were texting me to back them up and say something. So, well…me being me, I replied something no one thought of. I settled the fight and I ended the conversation (not as heroic as it sounds). See the picture below to see what I commented. No one answered after my post, thank the lord. All these notifications were blowing up the phone.

Drama can start outside your “friend group” or within it. Most of the time we think some friends have no drama and they are the nicest people in the world to each other, but that is definitely not true, especially in high school. Friends fight and friends have drama and that’s just how life works out. I am friends with a lot of people, but my closest friends consist of four girls. I won’t say their names because that really has no point in this story. I’m basically just trying to give you a personal detail about how fights can be now days. A couple weeks ago, my friend and I were feeling very separated and not part of the “group”. Weekends would come and we would all go to parties together, but when the “dead weekends” would come around we wouldn’t all hang out. I would hang with one of my friends and the other three would hang out by themselves. School would be fine and we’d all still laugh and act like nothing was wrong. But things were slowly starting to build up. It’s hard to ignore problems when you’re so close with people. I thought maybe it is our senior year and we’re drifting apart, but that’s not something I wanted to think about. So these feelings kept building up and finally my friend and I decided to just end this feeling of separation and just talk to them. We were planning on a simple and nice conversation in person after school. But…that’s not really how it all went down. Instead, for some odd reason we decided to do it over text in a group chat. Ever thought of the worst way to fight with your friends? Well, that is what I would like to call group chats. Never use a group chat to fight with your friends nonetheless get into fight with anyone over text. Doing it in person is way better and more personal. Different things were being said about how there was no separation and the conversation was really going nowhere. But then someone said the inevitable, “that college is coming up and this really doesn’t even matter.” And it’s true I mean this drama really is pointless but then again if someone wants to share how he or she feels they should be able to. The topic of college coming up soon is the elephant in the room and is a very sensitive topic. Although, three of us are going to the same college, my other two friends are not. It kind of put the drama that we were having on hold and we just realized that we only have a couple more months together and we shouldn’t waste it on stupid fights. I still believe it was good that we got everything off our chests, but I also believe that I want to enjoy my time with everyone. Friends are really important to me, especially my close friends. When things don’t go right and when people are feeling down it’s my personal mission just to be there for them. So, though drama can be completely overdrawn and dumb it can also strengthen friendships. Many fights that I have had with some of my friends have actually made us closer. Everyone has drama in their friendships, but you just have to stop and think if it’s worth fighting over or if it’s just something petty that doesn’t affect you or anyone in anyway.

Anyways, drama can be spread so easily. It’s inevitable and that’s just the way high school is. The drama with your close friends and the hatred you feel towards some people won’t matter in a few years. Will you even see them again after high school? New rumors are created every day and its mentally draining. I swear if talking shit about people were a crime, we’d all be in jail.

IMG_7555 FullSizeRender

Thank you, Rachel!

I love reading what Rachel has to say about high school and things a normal 18 year old has to say because it’s something that I’m in the dark about. Sure, I had high school friends but I didn’t get to experience the joy of senior year and all the craziness that goes with it. She adds a whole new level to The Retired Model. I’m looooooving it!



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