I’ve hit an all time low.

I just threw up in the bathroom at work and now the chef is making me white rice.

Why? SunFest was last night.

Yesterday was fan-fucking-tastic. I worked at the law firm from 9-5 pm and did really well. My new boss told me he was incredibly proud of how quickly I learned and how much work I had gotten done. He’s great. In the email welcoming me to the office, he wrote, “the rumors are true: we have an ex-model working in the office now!” and went on to list some jobs I had done. I laughed to myself imagining this lawyer googling “Megan Kennedy model jobs” in his office.

Dom picked me up from work and we headed to mine to pregame. Dom is one of my best friends. We met when we were 13 and were never close until this year. He’s always there for me and he gives the greatest advice. He’s like the brother that I actually wanted. We took some before and after pics.


We Ubered to downtown West Palm Beach and began to rage with all of the kids who were home from Tallahassee. I was so happy to see everyone. I ran into Alix in the middle of Kaskade and jumped on her. I’ve known her since I was five. FIVE YEARS OLD. I was worried about whether people would be nice or not because you never really know with this town. Especially since I just kind of up and left when I was younger. Surprisingly, everyone was super warm to me.

Alix and I!
Alix and I!
Jesus Christ, I look like a sweaty drunk old man.
Jesus Christ, I look like a sweaty drunk old man.
15 years later!

At some point (sorry it’s a little fuzzy to me), we all moved the party to a club that’s not too far from SunFest. Rachel P showed up and I wanted to make out with her because I missed her so much. We all danced and continued to drink more. I was texting Rachel Mastics, who has written for the blog before, asking where the hell she was and why she wasn’t going HAM with me. She said her friend was crying and she didn’t know what to do. I found them and talked to her little friend, Jackie, who was adorable. Some guy did something really fucked up to her and I was just trying to console her. I told her to have a drag of my cigarette because it would make her feel better. She took a puff and said, “Wow, that actually does work” and I took it away from her. No way am I creating a smoking monster. Also, mid-cry Jackie told me she loved the blog.

Rachel’s brother, George, who I went to highschool with.

I tried to get them into the club but they didn’t have their ids. We said goodbye and I went back in to dance. I bumped into a girl and apologized. She looked up and I groaned. It was a girl who HATED me. Fuck.

Here’s the story: When I came home from LA, I was pretty emotional from my breakup with The Ex. To say this as classily as I possibly can, I was intimate with a couple guys. Do you remember the episode of Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23 where Chloe is talking about her “loop” ? A loop is just a roster of people that you sleep with, usually 3-5 in one. I had one of those. I was just trying to fuck the sadness and anger out of me (which never works!). I met a boy who told me he was single. He wasn’t. We began sleeping together a couple times a week and it was great! Until I met his girlfriend. I apologized over and over and told her I didn’t know because I truly didn’t. She went off on me and tried to fight me so I continued to sleep with her boyfriend. She was stupid to even continue to date him. Obviously, I know what I did was wrong but it stopped when I met Brandon. I was trying to fill a void. I was broken.

She snarled at me. I sobered up immediately. Whenever I’m in a bad situation, my mind refocuses and gets sharp. That’s probably why I’ve never been arrested. I’m really good at speaking to cops.

“Oh, look at who it is. The little slut who fucked my boyfriend.”

I grabbed her elbow and dragged her out of the door behind her. Once in the back, I released her elbow with a shove. I pointed my finger at her face and got very close up.

“You’re going to stop with that bullshit. This happened in the past and I’ve apologized a million times. ENOUGH.”

She grabbed my shoulders tightly.

“You continued to fuck him, you little whore.”

Grabbing her hands and shoving her off of me, I began to tell her that what I did was wrong and I feel horrible about it now. She softened up the more I spoke. We never actually got to have a one-on-one talk about what happened so I get why she held a huge grudge.

My stomach began to rumble and I awkwardly walked back into the club. I didn’t feel like getting emotional and I needed french fries. I took another shot and called a car to hit up McDonalds then home. Dom came over and collapsed next to me at around 5 AM. We both woke up in the clothes we wore the night before and with serious headaches.

Ah, I love SunFest.





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