I got another job today! It’s at a law firm and has much more reasonable hours. YAAAAY! Goodbye to working late nights on the street.

Kiiiiiidding but being a hostess/reservationist is sometimes really annoying. Honestly, I’m more of a hostess but I just like the word “reservationist” more. It sounds more regal.

Also, who is going to Sunfest? For those of you who have never heard of it, Sunfest is West Palm Beach’s Coachella but with much shittier music. Years ago, it was a lot more fun but maybe that’s because I was 14 and drinking Four Lokos. The headliners this year are Fall Out Boy, Schoolboy Q, Paramore, Hozier, and Kaskade. Paramore and FOB should be reserved for Warped Tour only.I’m looking forward to Schoolboy Q and Hozier but that’s it. Sunfest is great because it’s basically a drunken free-for-all. You wear things that you don’t care to get dirty (since Florida weather is so weird and it will most likely rain) and pack as little as you need and just rage.

I loooove concerts. I always have the greatest time for some reason. I haven’t been to one bad concert (knock on wood). The Ex used to take me to a bunch of them because his company represented the musicians and he would get free tickets. Besides seeing Daughter, Passion Pit was the best fucking concert ever. I’ve seen a bunch of people perform in clubs too but I like the atmosphere of an outdoor event. Although, seeing Tinashe in Finale was dope as hell cause she was standing on the table next to ours and singing to us. Lana Del Rey was cool too because she just does not give any fucks whatsoever.

Of the singers I’ve met that are the nicest, I would say Lana Del Rey and Travie McCoy are the sweetest. Travie was fuuuuucked up and hilarious.  Although, he spent most of the time talking to S, Harry Styles was friendly as well. Come to think of it, I’ve never met a celebrity who was really mean. Except Emma Roberts. Fuck that bitch.

Travie and IIII
Travie and IIII



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