Guest Post: The Beauty of Music by Rachel Mastics

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I am beyond thrilled about Abie Shippee joining The Retired Model and posting every Thursday! Her post got the second most views out of the whole blog! She’s truly brilliant and writes so beautifully. Welcome to the team, Abie!

I received another beautifully written submission from a fellow Palm Beacher. Her name is Rachel Mastics. A senior at the high school I used to attend, Rachel is the whole package: gorgeous, smart, funny, and nice. Where the hell did this girl even come from? She’s very special and I’m so pleased to share her writing on The Retired Model.


Check it out…


Music is a big part of people’s lives. Have you ever gotten goosebumps when listening to a really good song for the first time? Or maybe even goosebumps every time you hear that song? Ever finally learned the lyrics to your favorite song and felt on top of the world? Music speaks to you and music helps you learn. All the different genres generate a different feeling or mood. There are so many types of music now days to choose from. When I take a run I usually go for the upbeat song such as a remix like Dollar Sines. Or when I am sitting here writing or driving to school in the morning I like slow and relaxing songs such as Suburbs by Mr. Little Jeans or Season of Love by Shiny Toy Guns. There are so many songs, feelings, and different times to want to listen to songs. So many memories can be revived and brought to life with a song. You may be in your car driving swiftly down the road and listening to a slow, relaxing song and think of a scenario or even a fond memory with a friend. Personally, I have never told anyone but when I listen to a song and really just sit quiet and listen, I begin to think of hypothetical scenarios or a different life. A life with everything I crave and need. A life with every passion and dream of mine fulfilled. As cliché as it is I picture myself hanging out with Kendall Jenner, or walking around SoHo with my best friend laughing and smiling at everything we see, or even just becoming a famous actress. Music brings dreams to life and your best day-dreams seem real and almost easy enough to grab. I can think of a thousand times I wish I had background music. As I walk down the street in Palm Beach I wish an indie pop type of song would come on like Riptide by Vance Joy would come on or This is Why I’m Hot would play as I strut my stuff. Basically, the point of this is to just speak the truth of music. It is not only for pleasure but also for release and living through the lyrics and melody. By release I mean to release all your anger or sadness of a breakup or even just to sing as loud as you can to your favorite song because you feel like it. Music connects people. You can easily build a friendship with someone if they play a song you know or like. It’s a great feeling finding friends that love your taste in music. Next time you hear a song, just listen to it and see how it makes you feel. It will either make you want to dance or just make you think. Listen to a relaxing, slow song once in a while; its good for you. Drift away into a daydream and you’ll open your eyes to a whole new world and a brighter smile.

When I read this, I could hear the music in my head and picture Rachel doing all the things she mentioned. It’s easy to escape into her writing because she paints such a vivid picture and you feel as if you are right there with her, drinking cappuccinos outside of Topshop on Broadway and Broome or jogging on a Palm Beach trail next to her. That’s what makes a great writer in my opinion.

Thank you so much for your submission!

Rachel’s instagram is @rachelmastics

Let me know what you guys think and if you want to hear more from Rachel! I certainly want to!




Instagram: @meganemkennedy


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