Exciting Things for The Retired Model

Big changes for The Retired Model are happening.

I’m still going to use this as my public journal and write about my adventures but I want to know what you want to read. Please send me emails or questions regarding topics you want me to cover. I will answer them in my “out-of-her-mind” way and be brutally honest. I have a couple great interviews coming up with artists, designers, models, etc.

My blog isn’t all about me. It’s about YOU too. Without my faithful readers, what would my blog be? Nothing. I love being able to communicate with you all and hear what you have to say about things, too.

I will respect your privacy and name you “anonymous” if you want me to.



Questions: Ask.fm/meganemk

Email: Meganemk4@hotmail.com

Instagram: @Meganemkennedy

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