Keepin’ Ya Man Around

When you type “what do I get for my…” in on Google, you’ll see that the first result is “What do I get for my boyfriend?”. Buying your boyfriend a gift is one of the most nerve-wracking things in the world. I have always just opted for ties in the past because those are a staple in a man’s business wardrobe. He will always need at least one power tie. Tom Ford, Valentino, and Ferragamo are all great choices. Also, they love sex. So as long as you buy him something nice and follow it up with a nice, long blowjob you can’t go wrong. 

I thought of something brilliant. When I was on my way to meet my boyfriend in Connecticut, I cracked open a new marble-style notebook and began to basically write him an open letter. Then, I thought to myself, why don’t I write him a letter every day talking about our relationship? I wrote every day and about EVERYTHING. This includes our good times and bad times. I talk about what we argued about that day or about what I wanted to do to him in bed. I’m going to fill the pages and present it to him on our one-year anniversary. Not all guys are as sentimental as he is, but it’s definitely a lovely gift to give them.

A lot of girls ask me how to keep a guy around and I don’t know what to tell them because every guy is different. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I don’t date assholes. You know the type, don’t play now. Because I go for the smart, funny, and sweet guys, it’s much easier to maintain a relationship. My advice to my readers to keep a relationship going are as follows:

Always keep some kind of mystery

Now I’m not saying wait 20 minutes to respond to his text messages forever or be vague about your whereabouts. Just always keep him on his toes.

Always look good for him. 

There was an interview not too long ago with Eva Mendes and the reporter asked her how she keeps her marriage alive with Ryan Gosling and her response was “I refuse to wear sweatpants around him”. No matter what, I make sure that I always look gorgeous for Brandon. My outfits are always on point whenever we are together and I wear beautiful nighties to bed (if I’m not already naked). Also, do it for yourself. You will have more confidence when you know you look amazing all the time.

Surprise him.

One of my exes in Tokyo once said his favorite memory of me was when he had come home from work exhausted and stressed and I was waiting for him in a sexy but casual outfit with his favorite food. Guys refer to this behavior as “wifey-material”. I love buying my boyfriends gifts when they’re not expecting it. As a girl, think about how amazing it is to come home to a new pair of shoes or bag from your beau. Right?! Brandon recently had to fly to Boston and he was complaining to me about how tired and irritated he was. I put on this exasperated voice and whined about all the studying I was doing and I told him that I just wanted to have a quiet night of memorizing math equations. He came home to me sitting on the bed in a plaid skirt, knee highs, and braids. His eyes shot open and he was so happy to see me. Obviously, you know what happened after that..   

Keep your body tight.

My friend, Mickey, told me a big reason why relationships fall apart is that the girls let themselves go and gain “comfortable” weight. DON’T FUCKING DO THAT. It’s like a sign of defeat. Keep your body nice and trim. Listen, I’m not saying lose extra and unnecessary weight because guys are lucky to even be seeing you naked but it’s not bad to go that extra mile. It will also improve your health as well so it’s a win-win.

Be helpful

If you know he is up to his neck in errands and work, offer your assistance. Iron a shirt if or go pick up something that’s on his grocery list. It’s a very simple and thoughtful think you can do to put him more at ease.


Keep your sex life alive! Personally, I have the sex drive of a sixteen year old boy so I have to have sex at least three times a week to stay sane. Let’s be real here: everyone loves sex. It’s not like a whole nightly activity! It’s 15-30 minutes out of a 24 hour day. You can definitely make the time so enough with the excuses. I don’t understand why married couples always complain about not having enough sex. The kids will be fine on their own for 20 minutes, indulge yourself. An older woman friend of mine once told me that an active sex life is vital to a marriage and she has it quite often regardless of her two kids. It’s also interesting to see different cultures’ approach on sex. The French are very sexual beings and the Chinese are not. In your own thoughts, which country do you think is more carefree and happy? ALSO: LADIES ENOUGH WITH USING SEX AS A WEAPON. It’s truly just fucking mean.

Always give him words of encouragement and remind him how great he is.

When Brandon finds out good news about work, I congratulate him to the end of the earth and tell him how smart he is. I’m not lying either. I feel like sometimes people become too lazy and comfortable to remind their partner why they love them. This. Is. Key.

Be sweet to everyone around you.

 Guys take note of this and it gives them a mental alert that reminds them how much their parents are going to like you. No man wants to be with a whiny, self-entitled girl. Just be nice!

Savor every minute with them

Think of how you see a best friend that you haven’t seen in a very long time. Isn’t your time together so much more meaningful? That’s how you should always treat your partner. Relationships are awesome because you are basically best friends that can have sex.


Megan of The Retired Models

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