“Body Shaming”

I’m sure that this is going to be one of my most “controversial” posts so I’m preparing for the hate mail. 

Okay, so, i am completely against body shaming but I feel like it’s recently become this “thing” like how “bullying” was really big a year or two ago. Do you remember the episode in Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 where James is mentoring an inner city kid for publicity? There’s a part where the kid says “I can’t go on the subway because the older kids ride it and they bully me” and without looking up from his twitter, he responds with “oh my god, bullying is so in right now”. That’s what I feel like is happening right now. Celebrities are just now protesting body shaming. Obviously it’s been around forever but it’s become an increasingly popular topic. 

As a recovering bulimic, I get it. In a way, you are constantly body-shamed as a model. I once had the creative director of a shoot pinch my back fat with an over exaggerated frown. At the time, I weighed 113 lbs at 5’8″. That’s just how the fashion industry is and models have to deal with it. 

What pisses me off is the whole body shaming craze and how it’s encouraging people to be unhealthy. Gabourey Sidibe is the prime example of this. She’s constantly whining about people calling her fat. Yo, you are unhealthily overweight. 


Can we all stop lying? Sidibe proclaims, “I LOVE MY BODY AS IT IS!”, but do you really? Kelly Clarkson is also an offender. I do believe in loving your bodies and your own skin but I do not believe in being a liar. These women are putting out a message that it’s okay to be unhealthy. You guys don’t love your bodies. That’s why you are so quick to be defensive. It reminds me of when you calmly tell your obviously inebriated friend that they should stop drinking and they react with, “WHATRE YOU TALKING ABOUT? HOW DARE YOU? IM SOBER”

A friend of mine was proud of my recovery and how I became healthy again without gaining a ton of weight. She asked me if I would monitor her eating and help her with a diet. When we were hanging out like normal, she went to the kitchen and brought back a half-eaten pie and fork. I felt super uneasy and she could sense it. 

“What?”, she asked. 

“Uh, are you sure you want to eat that? I mean you did want me to help you…”

This angered her.


I tried to explain that she needs to eat breakfast every day and not skip meals. And that she definitely shouldn’t substitute pie for breakfast. She was not having any of it. 

If you have a thyroid condition or something then that’s that but don’t pretend like your medical problem drives you to binge eat cupcakes. Just have ONE cupcake! Moderation is key.

I have so much respect for EJ Johnson who was open about his weight on tv. He decided to get gastric bypass surgery because he knew his size was not healthy. Look at him now! He’s working it and is happy.

Again, I know I’m going to receive so much backlash for this post and I’m fine with it. When you hear about people protesting that “bigger is beautiful”, it’s mostly overweight woman. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. Plus-size models get shit too and it’s crazy. People wonder why they aren’t bigger and it’s because that’s a negative image. It’s letting yourself go. When I see someone who is uncomfortably overweight, I see defeat. 



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