Yesterday was quite eventful.

First, I woke up and had to deal with my landlord. Our building has termites and he wasn’t going to do anything about it! I’ve never noticed them until lately when I started to find little piles of wings by my window sill. Sure enough, I find a couple of the flying creatures on the wood.

I don’t know any-fucking-thing about bugs or pests except for the fact that I hate them. I called my landlord and informed him that he would have to tent the building to kill them. He said that they would just fumigate MY apartment and they would be gone. I went HAM on him because that won’t do anything! That’s like having a classroom of kids who have lice and only sterilizing one of the kids. After threatening to go to city hall, he finally said that he would. I decided to sleep at Caitlin’s for the next couple days until my apartment is fumigated. I would sleep at Brandon’s but he lives twenty minutes away and I don’t drive

After my annoying conversation with the landlord, I decided I needed to drink. A lot. Jenny and I went to the beach and slammed a bottle of SKYY Pineapple and spoke of our family life and our futures. Two very interesting topics considering the circumstances.

Trip called and informed us that he was out of school and we should come over with Jamie. We drove to his private beach and continued to slug european beers. I could feel my skin boiling from the hot Florida sun. I swam in the ocean until I had to go to work at 5 PM.

I wore a halter dress that exposed more than it hid and had my beachy waves setting in. An hour later, a bunch of the customers started to make the “wow someone got sun today” jokes. I looked in the mirror and a lobster was staring back at me. My back was red with a single white line across it from my bra and my shoulders were deeply freckled. Ugh.



All that I’m thinking about is my birthday celebration on Friday. I can’t freaking wait to be 20. In my mind, I have been 23 since I started traveling for modeling. It’s weird to think of how truly young I am. I have very little friends who are my age and the ones that are act very mature. I have been surrounded by adults my whole life and I’ve had to behave like one since I’ve been on my own. It feels…strange.




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