Sunday Thoughts (04/12/15)

Sunday Thoughts is going to be a new feature of my blog. I am going to collect my thoughts throughout the week and continue to update the post. I think it will be interesting to show the readers my multiple personality disorder.

– I drank too much this weekend. Brandon is out of town and I needed a distraction from that. HEY VODKA! I made my Uber stop at Mcdonalds on the way back to my house and ate way too much. Fail.

-Do you guys ever rewatch seasons of your favorite TV shows? Like do you watch them again and again until you know all of the words? I do that with every single TV show I fall in love with. It started with Gossip Girl, graduated to 90210 and finally progressed to Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23. Lately, I am obsessed with Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Honestly, that show is fantastic. Everyone is a character and the episodes are always fun to watch. I’ve met Morgan (Fun fact: The Ex used to hook up with her in high school!), EJ, Brendan, and Roxy out before and they are very friendly. Everyone describes them as these spoiled, brainless kids but they are far from it(Maybe the spoiled part but whatever). Roxy and Dorothy are doing a bunch of projects and becoming brands. Dorothy is coming out with her own line of champagne for God’s sake. WATCH IT. Not when you’re hungover though because they drink in almost every scene.

– My birthday is on Saturday and I’m debating what to treat myself to. I need a mini satchel with a silver zipper from either Saint Laurent or Givenchy. I may just get a Rebecca Minkoff and a bunch of other things. DECISIONS DECISIONS.

-I was scrolling through my snapchat last night and was plagued with serious FOMO. Coachella, Coachella, Coachella. I got really sad because it made me miss all of my friends. It’s really sad to leave a big city and move to a small town. I feel like I’m still so young but I’m fading into the dust. I miss the excitement and wildness of LA and New York. I think what I fear the most is becoming boring like so many people here. Wait, I know I’m never going to become boring per say, it’s more of me not wanting to lose that energy inside me that Tokyo, New York, and LA bestowed upon me.


-For those who work and have a boyfriends, do you ever feel like life is taken up by both things? Not that I mind Brandon taking up my time! How do you juggle family, friends, studying, working, and a boyfriend? My family and friends live no more than 10-20 minutes from me and I don’t know why it’s so hard to see them. There’s just no time.

Alright, I’m done.



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