Eat, Sleep, Study, REPEAT

Happy Monday!

Just kidding. When has a Monday ever been a happy one?

Anyways, I want to apologize for how little I have been posting lately. A lot of you have been sending me messages and emails asking to post more and I promise I will! I have been quite busy with work and studying to finally get my high school diploma.

Yes, that’s right. I am a high school dropout! Honestly, it’s never prevented me from getting a job. Obviously, I’m not applying for lawyer jobs or anything but I do make OK money for being a reservationist/hostess with tips. I can’t be a hostess forever so I am getting my diploma and going to school.

I did online schooling until I turned 16 and then I just stopped. I didn’t have time or motivation to study. I was living on my own and working 16 hour days so the last thing I wanted to do was crack open a Geometry book. Pass.

I had made several attempts to schedule to get a GED but I kept pushing it back for random reasons. I scheduled the test this year on January 12th and I pushed it back twice. I made a promise to myself that if I pushed it back after the April 22nd date, I would have to give my friend $600. I can’t do that so I’m really going to take it this time.

I will still keep posting and answering questions on Ask.Fm but please be patient with me. I’m throwing myself into work, studying, and planning my birthday but I will still try to post every day.

Hope you have a fantastic day!




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